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Escrito por Patti desde ( el día lunes, 07 de febrero, 2005 a las 13:13:46 horas :

En respuesta a: Petatlan escrito por Mike Vski desde ( el día sábado, 05 de febrero, 2005 a las 21:44:56 horas :

I was just there on Sun Jan 30. It is about 30 minute drive from Zihua south on hwy 200. The church is the Church of St. Peter,a large modern church. It is also a prilgrimage site noted for healings/miracles.Being Sunday, there were lots of buses from Acapulco and the surrounding areas. Outside the church, there are vendors selling candles. We each bought one and entered the church which was packed because 12:00 Mass was just concluding. There were baptisms going on in the baptistry, a 3yr old going through a special blessing in the main aisle with photograhers and her extended family. At the communion rail, the two priests were blessing with holy water all kinds of items that the people were holding. In the mist of all this there were some peole who would enter the back of the church and walk on there knees down the main aisle quietly praying. Above the main altar is a large glass case containing a statue of Jesus on one knee carrying the cross. this is the miracle statue. A continous line of people slowly oved forward up the stairs to behind the altar. We got in line. At the back of the large glass case of the staute of Jesus, a woman stood with a piece of the white cloth of the statue. She made the sign of the cross whith the cloth on each person passing by and said a short prayer in Spanish and gave each person a holy card with the picture of the statue on the front and the prayer of the Magnificat on the back. As you leave through the door behind the main altar there is a huge bulletin board with pictures, tokens, and other personal items of the people who asked for healing. Outside there is a cememt grotto in which you place your lighted candle, There were hundreds blazing there that afternoon. I also noticed the gold vendors surrounding the church had small charms stamped with eye, arm, leg etc which I realized were used as a visible sign for people's prayers for specific healing. It was a very moving experince regardless of your theology. I certainly felt I was participating in something that was larger than my personal piety and was very moved by the peoples devotion.We were the only tourist in town that I could see. It was a memorable experience and I did silently offer my prayer for healing of a family member. Patti

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