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Escrito por Patti desde ( el día martes, 08 de febrero, 2005 a las 18:56:01 horas :

En respuesta a: Trip report:La excursion de las cinco abuelas escrito por Patti desde ( el día lunes, 07 de febrero, 2005 a las 15:53:18 horas :

Excursions of las cinco abuelas: on the spur of the moment we rented a car for the day.One of the guests was waiting for his car to be picked up at the villas , so we all jumped into this sentra with the rental agent and went to the car rental place in Ixtpa. We asked for an automatic. The only car they had was a chevy suburban with all the bells and whistles.It was white with tinted glass.We drove to Petatlan first.Driving down Hwy 200 we felt like drug ruuners in our O.J. car.Petatlan on a Sunday is full of pilgrims, we became part of the lines of Mexicans,bus loads from Acapulco,winding our way into the church to be blessed by the cloth of the statue of Jesus high above the main altar.We left our lighted candle in the grotto along side hundreds of others.We wandersed the stalls surrounding the church,gold vendors,shops selling all those cute dresses you see on young women (size 2), lots of barbershop stalls. I think Sunday is the day for boys and men to get their haircuts.Truly we felt like we were guests not tourists.People were friendly but it was their day in town and it was not about us.It was refreshing.Drove next to Barre de Potosi beach full of prigrims of another type.Camped out at one of the beach resturants, table and hammock,beer chips.Late afternoon, we watched the local fishermen stand in the surf with just a line and hook,no pole.One man caught a hugh fish. Everyone gathered around. He was smiling ear to ear.the sun was low, dippping to the horizen. The flocks of pelicans dive bombing for their dinner was a sight to see.Now five women do not go unnoticed especially by any beach vendors.The bead lady was welcomed by all,we offered her a chair and after about an hour,we had bought pearls necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets(our favorite peice of jewelry, the ankles are the last to go) for all the daughters,daughter-in-laws and staff workers back home.Angelina the vendor will be able to take the next day and probably the next week off after our purchases.Drove back to Zihua, pick up more groceries and they picked up the car the next day at our villa.Excursion: LAs Gatas was fun.Got downtown saw all the fish in the fish market before taking the boat across the bay.Snorkeled, bought more stuff(carvings for all the men back home:husbands,sons etc).Ate the best shrimp tacos at the lime green umbrellas beach restaurant.Great day.Last item: the taxi drivers were the best of all of our trips.We always ask their name and they ALWAYS ask where are our husbands. After ten trips in Mexico they still are amazed that we are traveling without men. Jesus was a singing driver, he sang a song about Nancy in Spanish.Another,told us right away that he did not like Bush, but likes Kerry. He was our kind of guy. We asked him about Fox, he liked him but not the last president. Taxi drivers are great the world over!

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