Out of MN. Day one.

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Escrito por shavez desde (66-60-197-140.newulmtel.net) el día miércoles, 09 de febrero, 2005 a las 11:07:32 horas :

Please people, no grammer or spelling bashing. I live in a smaller German community in Minnesota. (enough said). Day 1. Flight and all went very smooth. Z airport no problems. (on arrival that is). Since we have a package deal and the only ones who stayed in Z they took us to our home in an SUV instead of the Big bus to Ixtapa. In no time at all The Irma. They have added a fountain at the entrance of which I fell in avoiding the bell boy with all the bags. Check in went fine and off to our room. Room was fine although the shower a bit dirty. Quietly complained and was cleaned again. The view was to die for. Off to explore the town and get reaquainted. Back to the Irms happy hour. While in the pool I asked this gentlemen where is was from. "Alaska" he said. do you know Deb from Alaska? she had posted here many times and I knew she was staying here also. "she's my wife" Well, from this point forward my vacation took a different course because Bill "big dog" Deb,Val, Robin and Jim "Wolfie" are the Greatest people you could ever meet. If I mention them again I will reffer them as A.G. Off to our favorit place Puerto Del Sol. Did the sweethart special. Meal for two. Lobster, shrimp scallops, octpus, fish. Food was good but not the PDS that we fell in love with. Name had changed, prices have went up, service went down and no Edwardo? I will still recomend this place, just not tops with me anymore. sorry! It was getting late but did pop in to look at Blue Mamou. great venue.
Off to bed I go tired as llll.

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