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Escrito por TimTex desde ( el día miércoles, 09 de febrero, 2005 a las 12:03:37 horas :

En respuesta a: qualton club escrito por lorraine desde ( el día miércoles, 09 de febrero, 2005 a las 10:39:34 horas :

My wife and I stayed at the Qualton a few years ago. (our 1st trip) We had mixed feelings about the place. I liked it, she didn't. It is pretty much the last resort on the Ixtapa strip. It is laid our like an apartment complex rather than a big hotel building. It was well kept and the rooms were clean, but small. The beach is more private than on Playa Palmar, but the sand was dark, almost black in color and the surf wasn't as big by Qualton either. I enjoyed watching the water taxis going to Ixtapa Island all day and being away from the big main hotel zone. My wife felt too isolated. It is quite a ways into town if you want to go out to eat so if you stay there AI is probably recommended. Although the bus ride to town was very cheap, less than $1 US. We were split on the AI food too. I thought it was fine, my wife didn't like it. Being "out of town" we didn't go to nearly enough of the great looking restaraunts that there are in the area. The best part was that you could get burgers or other "american" items almost anytime day or night from one of the small grills that they had, with teenagers this may be a plus. My teenagers can eat 24-7......Also they had a small disco there that a lot of other teenagers seemed to like. We didn't hang out there though. They also had shows at least every other night just after sundown. We went in July and most of the others at Qualton were Mexican families on vacation. I think that there were only 2-3 other American groups staying there while we did, one of which was an adventurish grandmother, her 17 year old grand-daughter and 4 of her girlfriends. She had her hands full, but they had a blast.
We are going back to I/Z this summer in June but this time we are staying in a condo we have rented on Playa Palmar and taking our 3 kids. I hope to spend a lot more time in Zihua and we are not doing the AI plan this time. If I had my way we would stay in LaBarra de Potosi or Troncones or somewhere more secluded, but I will have to settle for day-trips to these places to "keep the peace".
We looked into staying at the Dorado on this trip, It was one of the places that my wife liked the looks of from our last trip, but with our group, the condo at Costa Real will be a little cheaper for us, as long as my kids don't make me broke eating. If it gets too bad we will just go to the market and cook at the condo.
As for your visit,either place you choose will be great!

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