Out of MN. Day two

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Escrito por shavez desde (66-60-197-140.newulmtel.net) el día miércoles, 09 de febrero, 2005 a las 17:15:08 horas :

I get up about 6:30, two hours and 4 cups of coffee before Judy who enjoys her beauty sleep. I went to get my morning coffee and the waiter says Daveed? Wow, what a memory!!! (A.G. help me with his name) Back to my patio to watch the fisherman come in. This is the time I would chat with our neihbors and talk about what they did yesterday and what the days events would be. This is a MUST do if it is your first trip to Z. Very little time lots of knowledge. Took a shower and dressed for the day. For me this is critical. Leave your $20-30 peso maid tip day 1 and every day as they will give you much better attention and less likely having anything missing from your room. Flowers peddles on the towl every day. (Repeat next 6 mornings)
When leaving for the day I asked the waiter so I can sign my bill, he waved me through and said "no, later". Today, Off to Ixtapa Island with our friends Mike and Karen. Taxi $90 to Playa Linda $30 water taxi. Over to Coral Beach so Mike and Karen can snorkel. Cerveza, snacks and a couple hours lounging. Knowing we can can cheaper food and drink on the other side of the island (by the other pier) we take the path over the hill over to meet Miguel at Antonios 3x1. Order a bucket and ask for him. "he no longer works here" "he owns the one 2 down. I spot him and he greets us with hugs. Well because of the TURF thing we stay. Miguel brough his doughter who is 4 I think over to say Hi also and we chat for awhile. Our waiter was getting very upset as he thinks Miguel is going to take his buisness away. From this point the service was terrible!!!!!!! They advertise 3x1 but since we ate only cerviche and chips it was 2x1. Oh well cheap enough. Off to the next place, didn't check the time order a bucket. A swim and coversation and were the llll did the time go. Ran over to the pier, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15minutes No Panga. "Last gringo standing," sounds like a movie title to me. Getting a bit worried about our waiter calling someone not picking us up. Then we knew the help had to get off the island, so we are on vacation, don't let the little things get you down. I started talking with the locals on the panga and we met a massage specialist. He had a very colorful past. He offerd us a ride to the Irma because he lived in Z. He made a stop for us to get some cerveza for our room and off to the Irm. He wouldn't except any money but Mike did give him something? 2x1 pinacolata and a swim in the pool with the A.G. Many laughs with some people from Green Bay. Packer fans!!!! A shower and then off to La Gula for dinner. On our walk we discoverd La Mardida, actually we saw it many times before but never stopped. Bright signs, Happy Hour all day. 2 blended drinks $35 and $8 cerveza. I doesn't take long for Salvador and staff to become friends. We stopped daily for a cold one a shrimp tacos for appitizers. As we walk this road daily I still din't know were La Gula is. DUHH. I never did look up. They treat you great. Service, food, price all very good. We are a bit shocked that only one other table was being used, but it was 10:00. Oh well, off tothe the Irma for night night

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