Trip report : day three

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Escrito por shavez desde ( el día jueves, 10 de febrero, 2005 a las 12:09:12 horas :

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Today we had no special plans except into town to meet people at our special spots. Stopped in for breakfest at La Casa Cafe to say hi to friends. Again excellent place, friendly, good food and conversation. We had a table at the front of the place. Helped put the sale on a few people who couldn't decide if this was a good place. They all thanked us as they were leaving. Took the walk to the fishermans warf to the the catch. Judy loves red snapper but commented that they looked smaller than normal. I said that is what is left as it was later in the morning. ( more on that later) Strolled down to the pier, another unexpected cruise ship in port. Seeing people scrambling all over the place. This ship was only in port for 4 hours. Wow to think people could actually visit Z and leave that soon. Sounds like torture to me!!! Talked to a couple from San Francisco for 15 minutes tell them what a wonderful place this is and where we are staying. Pointed across the bay to the Irm. They did aske the cruise persons questions: Do you eat the food?, are the hotels clean? is it safe? I stopped the conversation and wished them a good day. Ran into the Elvira (El Centro) The had just returned from an excellent day of fishing. 9ft sail "Big Dogg" 6ft. " Deb" Please correct me if I'm wrong. We left to let them enjoy their cocktails as we didn't want to be a pest.
Took the corner around the Naval base are to the Hanger for a cold one. Well they since locked up. Walked through Artisian market but wasn't in the mood to shop. Started to search for our next 3 table bar-closed O.k. a half block further another one-closed. Getting very frustrated off to Ricks we go. We are greeted by Carma, We have a dog at home and Judy did the I miss Brani thing so I went to the bar and orderd a couple creveza and let her do the dog thing. Denise was the bartender and conversation ran free. What a delighful young lady. She is the owner of Carma. Rick came in to prepare for the evening entertainment. I introduce myself as Shavez from the board. For the person who thought he was a jerk. I can see that the first imprssion wasn't the greatest, but I can understand. I didn't take anything personaly. 100's of people know of him from the board and he has NO clue who you are. Be patient. He is a great guy after you get to know him. After an hour of being there he sat down with us for about 30 minutes and had a cerveza. He introduce us to Norman and I found out we had met a few years back at the Hanger bar.Rick told us about the steaks and showed us the setup. Judy said " we are from the midwest so on vacation we eat sea food, we've seen the cows in Mexico. (not to be taken negative please)he then he showed us his cuts-- looked great. Another cerveza used the internet and back to the Irm for Happy hour swim, chat with A.G. and shower. Again stopped at La Mordida for one. Since this is music nitht at Ricks we went back for a couple hours before dinner. FUN FUN time met Memi? and the singer, Judy is a few years older than me so the music was bringing back alot of memories. Wanted to stay but dinner was to be had. Dinner at Danials, another one of my favorites. We asked to be moved to a table under the lights. ha ha. Excellent food service and price. Took a taxi home and said go-byes to our neihbors at the Irma whom were leaving the next day. Called home to see how things are, schools closed due to -40 temps. Wow, 85 and airconditioning here before I go to seep.

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