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Escrito por Minnesota Mama desde ( el día lunes, 14 de febrero, 2005 a las 10:53:12 horas :

Where do I start? The Melia was wonderful, great staff, food was good, hotel was clean and very well kept. We loved it so much we are going back next year with our kids. The beach was nice, darker sand but very pretty with the black and gold specks. Ixtapa was a bit more touristy then Zihuat, but not too bad, we had lunch at Carlos & Charlies (good), did a little sky diving (was way cool), we also went to Senior Frogs for drinks (a blast). We had dinner at las Faros(?) the place on the mountain it was fabulous! The best place we ate at and the view/sunset is amazing!!! We did some snorkeling at Isla Ixtapa, that was fun and the water was pretty clear that day. We did rent a jet ski in front of the Melia, and you can negotiate the price the lowest we heard was $25/half hour, they start at 40. We mostly traveled by taxi and they drive insane, but it was fun. We were with a large group and three different times there were taxi accidents, two rear ended, and one hit a cow. It is an adventure to ride in the taxi. Make sure you ask how much it is before you get in because a few will charge more $$ then the norm. And bring the exact amount because a few do not have change. We had this come up a lot at shops and such. We did some shopping on Cinco de Mayo, that was fun and I bought a boat load of stuff for my kids. On Thursday we went sail fishing and had two in by 10:15am we were heading back and saw a Humpback whale and her calf, that was a hi-light for me. We did the sunset cruise on the sail boat and I did not really enjoy it, to rough that day and no sunset. Well that is all I can think of now but if anyone has any questions I will answer them if I can. I loved both towns and we will be back next year!

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