Trip report pt 1 - lots of kid info

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Escrito por kelly daly desde ( el día miércoles, 16 de febrero, 2005 a las 22:18:00 horas :

It's actually kind of funny because the week we left Santa Rosa it was 81, and I was thinking - man I wish it was snowing....So we arrived at a SF hotel that will keep your car for 14 days and it was about $120. The kids were VERY excited becasue they were traveling with their cusins, aunt/uncle and grandmother. In total there were 15 of us!! We had to be at the airport at 6am so this was a good deal for us. Plus it kind of gets your vacation started a bit earlier!!! We had a flight from SF to LA then on then on to Z. Good thing someone wanted us at the airport early because the driver of the van dropped us off at the Int'l part and we had to high tail it over to domestic.We flew ALaska - which many of you know does provide a meal for $5 so we brought along some food for the kiddies. We have trhee boys 6,8, and 10. and we had three girls (cousins) - same ages with us. Some key to Brings with the kids. Boogie boards - a must.... the kids were on them everyday, and they only count as 1 carry on per ticket...Also not so many clothes the boys lived in thier suits, a pair of shorts and some T's...although the light weight cotten button up shirts were much cooler. Also I brought a little bit of food (loaf of bread, peanutbutter, jelly, and lots of snacks (trail mix, chips, etc...) Not that you cna't get them but as we travel we like to just chill for a few days before dealing with reality (shopping) Flight was uneventful, except the boys had really bad earaches from SF to LAX - gum a good idea (thank you to the lady in front of us)....We get to Z and try to find the cheap taxi that everyone talks about - BUT way too many of us so we opt for the airport taxi (soooo expensive I think we paid US $45 a car and we had three) We did use the ATM at the airport and one suggestion is that I would get more money than you think you need because although everyone took US dollars, it seemed to work out better (by a few $ or so if we had peso's)... OK so we get to the Catalina (really see Curly's report it is in my opinion the best on La Ropa even if it is a few more $$$ and I'll go into that Way more later....So we dump our bags, and head to the beach!!!!!!So GREAT!!!!! Had dinner right next door at Elvira's good and again more on that later....My middle son was complaining of his ear again (actually really crying) so we went back up to the room for some Tylenol but after an hour of more crying I thought I had better call a doctor....Thinking it was going to cost me millions I called the front desk and Here's why I believe the Catalina (amongst other reasons is the BEST) They hooked me up by phone to a doctor driving home who asked all the symptoms (yes he had a cold yes we flew today,...) and suggested tylonol and afrin to clear his nose so his ear would be better. My sister-in-law had Afrin and low and behold the next morning he was better!!! No $100 visit, no special medicine in the middle of the night, just a really nice doctor with a freat idea, happy to help. PS Bring Afrin with kids, also LOTS of sunscreen and mosquito repellent (Ireccomend Neam (neem) oil spray you can spray it on clothes, persons, what ever and we only got munched on a few times!!!OK off to Laundry wait till I get to day 2!!!!

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