My taxi scam story

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Escrito por Ed C. desde ( el día jueves, 17 de febrero, 2005 a las 14:53:13 horas :

(Wife and I just got back from our first trip. Absolutely fabulous.)

Okay. I tried my best to not get scammed. I read Rob's taxi page and other posts on how to survive the taxi scams at Zihuatanejo airport, but I am just a gringo and these guys are pros. Exiting customs, we waded through the time share hucksters and made our way to the taxi booths near the exit. A fellow tried to pull me aside and promised a rebate for an hour of our time tomorrow or some such nonsense, but I resisted and focused on the guy in the booth. But the guy in the booth gave a taxi reservation slip to this guy and kept motioning me to deal with him. I refused the free rebate and told him I just wanted a taxi to the hotel and that I wanted to share it with another couple. I read four could share a taxi but he said that was illegal. (What, I know better?) So he writes the slip for 280 pesos and I pay at the booth. So was this guy working on commission with the booth guy? We go out the door and I give the slip to the guy at the taxi stand and he starts loading our bags in the Chevy Suburban. My mind numbs over at this point and I forget that the Chevy Suburbans are 95 a person. When I catch this, two or three of the attendants start arguing with me and saying that there are no more taxis at the moment and that we would have to wait fifteen minutes. What the hell. But by now my wife is already comfortable in the front seat enjoying the air-conditioning and, after all, we're on vacation. The others in the car felt just as ripped off, but one guy was amused by it all so I just forgot about it. (until now)

Anyway, my suggestion is to try to avoid paying the 280 before you see your ride. Go outside first to see what kind of vehicles are being loaded up. Ask the guys there how much and determine if 280 or 95/person is best for your size group.

And I would still like to find out if the small cabs that take you to the airport are available to take passengers to hotels, as our return cab let us off inside the airport property right next to where we had arrived at the beginning of the trip.

Let me give praise to the local taxi system around Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. They are cheap and easy to find. We met some interesting drivers, got some insider tips, and were only scared out of our minds once when one of the more adventuresome drivers tried to past a truck on a curve. Yikes!

We'll be back.

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