Trip Report - pt 2

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Escrito por kelly daly desde ( el día jueves, 17 de febrero, 2005 a las 14:56:50 horas :

So were in Z at the Catalina, and for the first two days we simply swim and lounge around. Really easy to do!! Just a few words on the Catalina. They were so accomodating to our party of 15! We had rooms that ranged from small casita's, to bungalows, to the honeymoon suite (it is so nice) Several times one of the couple with us wanted to switch rooms and they were so gracious with us. I really can't emphasize how great the accomodations were. Again Curly does an excellent job in his review. They only reccomendation that I would have for families with kids is to bring an electric griddle. Our food bill could have been a lot less if we could have made lunches (other than the PB/J) It would have been easy to do grilled cheese, quesidillas, even eggs. In my experience when the kids say they are hungry, it's too late to go to a resteraunt and order and this would have been a great solution. The catalina provided us with a coffee pot which was great. And we drank thier filtered water, which gave us no problems at all. In fact only 1 of us had a bad tummy for a few days is all.Some have suggested that maybe the catalina is expensive, but I would argue that you also get their beach front which for us was key. And the stairs became our workout!! Calves hurt the 2nd day but that was it. We also met some really nice folks from all over the US!! Soooo on to some of our activities. We hiked to Las Gatos and hung out on the beach. This would be a great beach for little kids because the waves were next to nothing. Then we took a water taxi to El Centro, for a walk around town. We also went to Ixtapa Isle for snorkling, which was really fun for the kids. (I would bring masks!) At one point there was this entire school of tuna(?) that the kids were swimming with. One note on the boat trip. We got hooked up with Moses (sp) who offered to take our entire group for $170, which I thought was a good, deal. Unfortunately it was his son that took us the next day. Not that he was bad, he was nice and the trip was good, but Moses seemed like such an interesting person it would have been nice to spend time talking with him. Other activites included the jet ski, and banana boat rides. The high light for us, however, was going into town one night and hanging out at the basketball court. Our kids played a game with some local kids and we got to speak with other families hanging out. One couple was waiting for the husbands league basketball game to start at 9 so we walked over the a court behind La Miranda(sp) and watched a great game of Basketball!! The kids loved it!! We watched the superbowl at La Perla with I'm sure everyone else that was staying there. It was fun, with superbowl pools going on. Food really good and pretty fast for as many people as were there. Overall I thought they did an excellent job!!! We also took a taxi into Ixtapa for the day. Intresting but we wished we were back on La Ropa, did have the BEST hamburger at Rubens - I mean YUMMY and they even had ground chicken burgers for those that are weary of beef. We went to Comercial Mexicana ($2.50 each way) and stocked up on beer (cheap) cheese, cereal, really good pastry's and french bread, and snacks and juice for the kids. Even bought a volleyball that came in really handy a few times. Eating places, I can't really add to anything everyone has written. All good, we really like Rossy's gave us chips, salsa, beans - free, unlike the other places. We had the shrimp brocette (sp) a few times it is served with grilled veggies. In terms of tipping it was sporatic. The catalina I think added a tip (+tax i think). And sometimes we saw a tip added and other times not. But we were a big group so I'm sure it varies. So I'll end it here...unless I think of anything else!!! Feel free to e-mail me with specific questions. Overall the BEST vacation we have had with the kids - too easy!! Can't wait to go back!!

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