Back from 10 days in La Barra de Potosi

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Escrito por skicolo desde ( el día lunes, 23 de mayo, 2005 a las 17:21:51 horas :

Back from a great vacation of empty beaches, warm water and cold beer. Thanks to everyone on this board for the advice on learning Spanish (very much needed in La Barra) and all the other hints I learned from this website. We stayed at Casa Puesta del Sol—great if you are looking for a house and privacy.

Some highlights—
If you want secluded beaches, La Barra is a great place. We could walk up and down the beach for a couple of miles and only meet a handful of people—if that. Mostly just birds, waves, occasional dead fish and sadly, litter.

Dominoes—not only fun for knocking down but a great game as well. Thanks to our Mexican friends from Mexico City for the late night conversation and margaritas and the dominoes. They came into great use with no TV or phones for 10 days.

Massage—Hopefully Lupe moves to Denver because I can’t find a massage therapist here. Find her on the beach in La Barra next to the hotel—100 pesos for ½ hour or 200 pesos for a full hour. Absolutely take the full hour, amazing massages. Go everyday you can. I liked to go once a day. Should I go before or after my nap?

The people—Great people in the village, we had an expensive boat ride ($75) out to the islands—expensive but fun to see the area by fishing boat. Bernie—thanks for the beer and conversation, see you next time we come down, your B&B looks fabulous. Our caretakers were a wonderful family, thanks for the guide to the top of Guamilule and the coconuts along the way to Playa Tortuga.

Hasta luego,

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