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Escrito por ken desde ( el día lunes, 21 de febrero, 2005 a las 06:54:19 horas :

Just returned from my 12th trip since 1991. I am still in love with the place even if there are getting to be too many new hotels on La Ropa.We stayed at the Sotavento & I know it has gotten some bad press here on the message board but we were extremely happy with the service & the food (I did miss Carlos but Paulina & Gloria are very gracious). The ambience of the downtown area, which some people find dirty, is still one of the reasons we go there. When bus loads of tourists from Ixtapa & several cruise ships stop there each week, it can't be all bad.The flea market area is being remodeled with better sidewalks & streets & other downtown streets are being repaved. I heartily recommend that every visitor check out the local super mercado & at least take a bus ride to Petatlan in order to experience some of the local culture and get away from the glitter of the big hotels. As a final comment, I tried many of the restaurants mentioned on this board & found them all to be good, just remember that if you expect to get into Anys (Tamales & Anatoles)on fiesta night, you better have a reservation or your fiesta will be out in the street

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