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Escrito por Mike from New Jersey desde (pcp09330914pcs.brick201.nj.comcast.net) el día lunes, 21 de febrero, 2005 a las 16:03:56 horas :

We just returned from another great 10-day visit to Zihua. As usual, the warmth of both the sun and the people were wonderful; the food great and the fishing good. We took the sunset cruise for the first time out of Puerto Mio on the schooner (never did get the name of the vessel) and had a great time. With the amount of tequila we drank they didnít make much money on us. After the cruise we walked up the hill to Casa Bahia and had a delicious dinner very reasonably priced. The only thing I noticed this trip on the negative side was the amount of graffiti starting to deface the walkway along the beach between Playa Municipal and Playa Madera and along the footbridges across the canal. Too bad, we have the same problem in my home community. As usual, my girlfriend and I are now going through a depression associated with leaving Zihua.

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