18 days in paradise

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Escrito por clint desde (adsl-69-234-59-24.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) el día viernes, 25 de febrero, 2005 a las 16:20:44 horas :

Our stay at the Catalina was superb. Eva just keeps making the place better. I just hope she remains in good health and holds on to the place for about 12 more years. Plus Jose MArie makes the best Margarita in town. The dining room equals any in town.

The food in Z is at an all time high.

On La Ropa, Elvira's has the best menu, very good food and great service. The only other place I would recommend is El Manglar. The chef is turning out some of the more creative food I've ever seen in Z. But be prepare to spend a couple of hours as the service is very relaxed, but friendly. Of course, Memo is the whole wait staff.

In town, El Mediteraneo is marvelous. Julian knows how to run a top notch restauatant. The fish tacos at Serena Gorda are delicious.
El Arbolito is tiny but they turn out excellent food at good prices. I've never dug Daniels. Chuleto serves the best pork chop in town and the wait staff is a helluva lot friendlier than Paul ever was. Los Braceros still turns out some great stir fry with crazy manes and good service. Pozole Alley is the best bargain in town, we particularly like Cenaduria Ricomar. El Mango served us the tastiest pozole I've had in a long time. Pollo Loco is still the place for a nice piece of grilled chicken and a roasted onion.

We have been saddened the last couple of years at the deterioration of Casa Elvira, the kitchen is inexcusably slow and they're getting pretty chintzy with their portions.

We were there for Carnival and the town was a zoo. Traffic was backed up like the I5 on Friday night. We got out of our cabs at the corner with the banks and walked in.

The lastr night we went to Escollera for the view. It was magnificent. The food and service were just fair though.

Naturally we stopped by and said hello to the lovely Lupita. You are a lucky guy ZR!

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