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Our sixth visit and our longest stay so far, Feb 7th-21st, two weeks of nearly flawless weather, first two days were cloudy with a sprinkle one evening, cab windows wet but not the street, the other 12 days just perfect. Flew the Omni charter for 1st time out of MSP B757 plane full, left on time service very good, no stops for fuel needed with this aircraft, cloudy most of the way down. Took the bus to the Emporio, lots of folks got off the bus too. Hotel very full our entire stay.

Flew down with another couple, Mitch & LaDonna, and spent most of the first week with them. It was their second visit, they may have their wedding in Zih next year, can't think of a better place. Got our rooms, put on beach attire and headed for Carlos & Charlies(C&C) had a little snack, watched the skydivers land out front, more on those later. Grabbed a jumbo Daiquiri for the beach and eased our way back to the hotel for sunset (cloudy and behind rock but that's OK still great). For dinner we tried the Capri for the first time, of course not used to the humidity yet - I'm roasting, they gave us another table with a huge high speed fan, had to hold on tight to your napkin but sure was nice. Service was very good, Maggie(me es posa) had a very good meal of Pasta with ham & peas, LaDonna had Lasagna(OK) I had the garlic shrimp which was very good if slight overcooked, and poor Mitch had snapper which was very overcooked. But we liked this place and will try it again.

Tuesday, the beach what else, partly sunny during day cloudy that evening. Lunch at C&C's excellent garlic shrimp, some of the best I've had. That night sunset at the Catalina then down the stairs for dinner in the sand at Elvira's. Our cabernet was forgetful, and Mitch tried the Tuna steak and found it very dry, alas, but the rest of us had wonderful dinner's, unpeeled prawns, garlic shrimp, and shrimp steak. Of course they brought the free drink at the end of dinner, my honey maybe should have skipped this. We went down to Rick's, he has Dos Equis amber on tap this year, yum, and listened to Jose, and Rick gave the girls first a free Mescal and then a free Tequila, oh oh, to much mixing going on. We headed to Bandido's for one more, the band was so-so, never did catch any decent music at this place this year, its always been one of our favorite's in the past. Back to Ixtapa for nightcap at Los Mandiles hugs all around from Alex and Pepe great guys, but found out Christian and gone to work for Emilio's but was out of town buying new car. I had my usual Don Julio and the rest had jumbo Margarita's, that was the last straw for my honey, she felt just fine the next day, but couldn't keep anything down till late the next afternoon. We have always enjoyed our time at Los Mandiles and consider Alexandro and Pepe good Amigo's, sadly we found out they will be closing in April, we'll miss them greatly but wish them well in their next venture.

Wednesday Yurani back from her day off, if you have stayed at the Emporio you probably know this beautiful young woman, she is a joy to be around, always helpful, with a wonderful smile. Hard to believe she has a six year old son. Wednesday night Mitch & L do an enjoyable sunset cruise, we are on our own, dinner at La Gula very nice the fried mozzarella was our favorite. We made are way to Blue Mamou caught amateur hour which was fantastic, really had an outstanding lineup of talent that night, Kim, little grey haired lady, knocked our socks off. Sound from Jimmy's mic a little muffled though. Also the 16 year old soon to be a sensation, Zih kid, did a great rendition of La Bamba that night.

Thursday great breakfast at Soleiado, wonderful Chilaquillas and great hash browns. On our own again that night, Mitch & L did Franks and had lobster for two, that was their best meal of the trip, Mag & I did Tamales Any, we did not have a reservation, but got there early and got in, lucky. The food and show were outstanding, I had pork in plantain & a Quesadilla, also tried the pozole, small bowl and was still to much, Mag had Chile Rellano and a ground beef tamale. Nightcap at Mandiles, wished Pepe happy birthday, its the next day & he has it off.

Friday we helped the cab driver find Amuleto, the road is paved at least that far, look out for the big boulder(maybe future monument) they paved around on the hairpin turn, yikes. But what a spectacular view, see Carols Amuleto pic's posted earlier. We had made reservations through our worryfree guy, but when we got their they didn't know us, fortunately the had a table for us, I think they only have 5 tables, set up in front of the infinity pool with Zih laid out in its glory before us. Must try the Amuleto salad, also very good were the penne & seafood and the spicy grilled chicken, forgettable the mahi-mahi and the shrimp. This place is a must visit, at least to the bar for the best view of Zih I've seen so far. Alas what it may do to the Las gatas beach area, I understand there is an injunction filed to prevent a road from being built down to the beach, but I fear its only a matter of time. Of course the boat drivers could easily stay in business by having a regular water taxi service between Ixtapa & Zih. ??

Saturday the rest of our gang flew in on NWA, hated it, lousy service and they ran out food & drink. They are big Nascar fans(us too) we had our welcome snack at C & C the evening snacks not as good as lunch but the fried mozzarella and fried mushrooms were ok, our friends saw the skydivers and one couple signed up to jump the next day. We tried the Cafe Salsa that night for its 60" big screen TV, they found the Bud Shootout for us and we were happy campers. There was now 8 of us and Cafe Salsa did not disappoint, the bread plate, Ribeye, and Barbecue Ribs were all excellent, Garlic shrimp very good, the Chile Rellano good(Tamale Any better), the T-bone tough & overcooked. A well run place.

Sunday jump day, Lee & Nadine, Mag & I went down to C&C to get ready for their jump, Had lots of papers to sign so Mag went for a great message I snapped pic's of Lee and Nadine getting ready and holding on to there stuff, the rest of the group were at our favorite happy hour place next door at the Posada Real. Lee & Nadine had never done this before, they were taken out to the airport taken in the plane, hot walk wear tennis, with about 10 other jumpers. Then strapped on to their master jumpers out the plane they went with cameraman along side from 13,500 feet, you free fall for about a minute then pull the mainchute around 5600' and float on in to the beach infront of C&C's. Everything went smoothly, they had a great time and would love to do it again.

Sunday night dinner at Emillo's Christian took very good care of us, the food here was all very good from Ribs to pizza.

Monday breakfast at the hotel, very good as always, a little pricey but you can't beat the view. Said adios to Mitch & L will miss them they are a lot of fun to be around. Monday night Valentine's dinner as usual at Villa De Selva, love this place had reservations since booking our trip but got the wrong table had asked for 62 and got 52, it was a great table front row but not quite what I had in mind. Anyway very busy of course so service just fair but the food great. Four of us had steak(filet) & shrimp, also the Mahi-mahi and fettuccini & shrimp excellent. Alas no cotamundi put in and appearance while we were there.

Tuesday, another great breakfast at Deborah's, then off to Las Gatas & Otilla's with Franco, love the place but we always leave feeling ripped off here so may stop coming. Met Juanita, very nice gal she had lots of jewelry the girls had fun. I ran into a senior gunsack wannabe but he had very fine wears none the less. :)>
Great cold American beer and prices at Rick's, more shopping. Tuesday night dinner at Franks skip the wild mushrooms but highly recommend the Shrimp Al Italia(biggest shrimp this trip) and the fettuccini Franks, also the pizza very good here.

Wednesday Lee & Nadine went fishing with Ramon Olea I had set this up and they were not disappointed, he is just a tremendous Captain his boat almost brand new & top notch equipment, they each caught a sail and had a great time. We had breakfast again at Soleiado then off to Playa Linda and Ixtapa Island, coral beach. Fine snorkeling, lots of fish up close to the shoreline. We did not eat, but enjoyed the Dos Equis, had good service and did not feel at all ripped off here. That night our buddies all went on the sunset cruise and had lots of fun, my honey gets seasick so we had dinner for the first time at the hotels lobster club. We both had the shrimp steak, again excellent and a front row seat for sunset. Then we all met up for another great time at the Blue Mamou.

Thursday very good breakfast at the Golden Cookie, Frozen Cappichino excellent. Off to La Perla for the Daytona Twin 150's, Bruce and his lovely bride from NC were their of course, nice to see them again. Francisco stopped by and greeted us warmly and Choochoo(sp) took great care of our group, had shrimp of course for a snack yum yum, the nacho's also good. Me amigo's wanted burgers that night so we headed for Rueben's they have very good pickled garlic & very spicy pickled carrots, lots of fries. Found good cold dollar beers(victorio, corona or pacifico) 2.50 for bud at Beertime, Alex, the manager, grew up in Anaheim and is very good host.

Friday breakfast at the marina Bucanero's, very sweet french toast, omelets & bread very good, no sausage or hashbrowns, Mag had very good mollettes that had a nice spicy sauce. We all had dinner at the hotel, another great shrimp steak, Lee had both this and a large T-bone too, jumping out of planes makes you appreciate food, he finished it all.

Saturday breakfast at the hotel then good-bye's to our amigo's we are on our own. Spent relaxing day at the beach, one more visit with Jorge in front of the Barcelo, we just love his painting's we have 7 now. Dinner at El Mediterraneo nice warm garlic bread, good fried calamari with spicy dipping sauce, Mag had very good salad(mozzarella & tomato) both had nice shrimp dishes(linguini & shrimp with wine & garlic sauce, and garlic shrimp) and a very nice house cabernet. Caught some of carnival then back to Ixtapa and dessert(chocolate crepes) and nightcap with Christian at Emillo's he showed off his new car a VW Golf. Said our good-bye's see you next year.

Sunday breakfast at Deborah's then off to La Perla again for the Daytona 500, Same friendly faces, excellent service again, long race, lots of caution flags, only bad thing was watching it on Canadian TV, not many good commercials, I'm sure we were the only ones who knew who Tye Domi and Don Cherry were. Walked down the beach to Paty's for one, wanted to explore the Intrawest facility, had met a couple earlier in the trip who were staying there, they had found a cheap introductory price of $800 for the week, I think, they seemed to like it allot. We were out of time though so caught a cab back to hotel, cleaned up and went to dinner at the El Faro, table wasn't ready so they escorted us down to one of the rooms, very nice, gave us a complimentary drink did a very soft pitch not bothersome though, then back up for dinner, the best seat in the house, great sax player, great food, could have skipped the avocado app., way to full for dessert. Back down the hill for nightcap with Pepe & Alex, said our adios's.

Monday the cookie again, then checkout, cab to airport, third in line, good seats up front, bumpy ride home back to the cities. Good ham & cheese sandwich bought at the airport and enjoyed on the plane.

A great time was had by us all, we had many more breakfast's at Deborah's, good food and fair prices. Spent a few night's at El Padrino, we called it the corner bar, right on the corner across from the Emporio, Moises very friendly and accommodating. Barracruda also a favorite spot. Also had a good breakfast at TaTa's. Wanted to get back to the Capri, didn't make it this trip will the next. Ixtapa Jewelry and our amigo Nacho took very good care us too, nice to see his lovely bride and beautiful little Nina too. Met a nice couple from Northfield found out she went parasailing and the boat motor quit she ended up in the ocean. Fortunately she survived ok but shaken. Ran into Terry & Laurie we had met them last year and was nice to see them again. Blue Mamou lots of fun.
Still working at this year pic's will add some soon to http://gra.midco.net/loozz/

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