RV parks & camping in paradise

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Escrito por Linda from Canada desde (dsl-201-128-23-228.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día miércoles, 02 de marzo, 2005 a las 10:58:04 horas :

There have been several questions about RV parks or campgrounds- now that I am actually here, perhaps this info can address this issue clearly. There are 3 rv or camping options in paradise- all located on Playa Ropa. The 1st one: Cabanas- turn right at the dolphin statue, then right again. It is on the right hand side of the road. It will accomodate only small camper vans or small class C's and tents. DO NOT attempt to go in here with a large motor home or 5th wheel. For the other 2 options: keep going straight past the dolphin statue, also past the blue tourist police building on the right. Watch for Casa Tucanes on your left, then turn right. DO NOT attempt to go under the yellow archway- you will loose your air conditioner- this has happened. Go on the left road past the archway, then turn right immediately. Then turn left. On the left side of the road is Costa Bella and on the right is El Manglar. They will both accomodate large units, and both have full hookups. El Manglar is brand new (actually not quite finished), but everything works and Memo is the man to talk to and he speaks very good English. We are staying here. The restaurant is great, the folks are friendly, and the beach is, of course, wonderful. I am sure Costa Bella is just as friendly, but don't know the people there. Same Beach. There is also the option of dry camping for free at Playa Linda, and if you don't need to be near telephone and/or internet, and want a real peaceful beach, have a look at the website for Our House at Barra de Potosie -they have full hookups for 3-4 RV's and it's a short 15 minute ride in to Zihua for phone/internet. Hope this helps someone.

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