Trip report Feb 12 - Feb 26

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Escrito por Roberto in Mn desde ( el día miércoles, 02 de marzo, 2005 a las 14:03:59 horas :

We were on a late flight so we arrived at Z at 10pm. The taxi stand inside was unmanned but there were plenty of cabs to be had. We were approached by a guy who offered us a free cab ride in return for attending a presentation the next morning at the Barcelo. I wwould have taken the ride and skipped the presentation but the price was going to be $38.00 in stead of $28.00 to ensure attendance. We left him and just walked outside to get a cab. $28.00 was the going price and both guys we talked to quoted the fare in dollars so there is no concern about getting pesos at the airport if you don't want to deal with that. The Krystal was very busy the first week with all the pool chairs being claimed before 7. We always spend our time on the beach so that wasn't an issue for us. The palapas are reserved the day before in the lobby bar starting at around 4:10 or so. There were people starting that line before 3 pm which is unneccessary. You can walk up after the line is done at 4:30 or so and still reserve a palapa. One is the same as another to us. Got pesos in Ixtapa at an ATM. No problem there. The kyrstal has a new condo project going called "Amara" WE were sorry to see that. A chain link fence was put up while we were there subdividing the property. Bought some groceries at Scruples and we finally found Frank's for dinner. The restaurant is as good as people on the board said it is. We took a bus into Z a few nights for dinner and found a "Wal-Mart" on the main street. People have asked about the artist who paints with his fingers, Jorge CAdena. He's still around painting on the beach in front of the Barcelo usually between 10 am and 2 pm. He apparently has been travelling a lot the last 2 years but says he plans to be around for years to come. We actually had rain on the last day. That was the first time that happened in 9 trips. It stopped by 10 am and the day was saved. Our favorite restaurants were Franks, Mama Norma, Capri and a new jewel that we haven't seen mentioned called La Malinche. Isabels has moved to the marina. We went there for 1 dinner at Entre Sol. Despite other people's recommendations, we have had 3 negative experiences at 3 different marina restaurants and will probably not head down that way again. Our favorite restaurant in Z is Garrabo's. We tried Elvira's for the first time and decided we probaly wouldn't return there. I forgot to include the Golden Cookie for breakfast. One thing we did learn on this trip was always have cash available for your meal and ask before you take a table if they take Visa if you are planning on using a credit card. The Golden Cookie wouldn't take our credit card even though they display a Visa logo. This was the first time we stayed for 2 weeks and for us it was the perfect length. We're already looking forward to next year.

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