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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día lunes, 07 de marzo, 2005 a las 18:16:19 horas :

En respuesta a: La Barra de Potosi escrito por skicolo desde ( el día domingo, 06 de marzo, 2005 a las 10:18:56 horas :

Barra de Potosi is a tiny village and we live here with all the food basics many of which are delivered to us via trucks and bicles with the sellers singing or calling their wares acapela (sp?) or via loudspeakers as they drive through town. This is for me, one of the most precious aspects of life in this 'in danger of extinction' life in a tiny village.

We have two medium size stores (I'm talking medium size in the range of Mom and Pop little stores). We also have three smaller stores within the village... but growing for a total of 5 stores. They sell among them, besides the usual junk food or 7-11 type stuff, soft drinks and beer, milk and juice, a few veges mostly tomotoes, onions, avocadoes and chiles, boxed cereal, eggs, instant soups, canned chile en vinagre (a must) ham, cheese including that wonderful Oaxaca cheese, flour tortillas (for making those fabulous sincronizadas)...and more... I really can't tell you all the things they sell. The idea is they are a store of Aborrotes... many things but not as big as the Comercial Mexicana of course.

Apart from these stores, we have the trucks and bicyles delivering things with their wonderful songs... this includes, cheese (the homemade Queso Fresco kind) tortillas and masa, tamales and corn on the cob, chicken (raw for you to cook) and homemade nacatamales from the chicken lady (and meats you can ask for the tortilla truck to bring you in the mornings) the vegetable truck comes twice a week, water, ice, homemade ice cream, cookies baked in firewood adobe ovens, ... there's a reason I'm gaining weight!

You won't go hungry without leaving this little paradise.

By the way, we now have in La Barra a great array of places to stay besides the Hotel Hotel. If you type in the search the archives for Barra de Potosi places to stay you'll get a goldmine of info. Also check out Don Otto's page where you'll get the info including a map. I think we are around 8 or 9 places now with from two to six rooms... very nice choices without suffering the trials and tribulations of any faulty towers... oh, do I go too far?

Have a wonderful time!
Hasta pronto,

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