Trip Report-cell phones-fishin-eatin-and loosing my glasses

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Escrito por Pollo(POY-YO) Legs desde (?) el día lunes, 07 de marzo, 2005 a las 19:49:30 horas :

Thanks to Zihau Rob's site we chose Ixtapa-Zihua area for our first ever trip to Mexico.I booked through and got a package deal at the Krystal Ixtapa. We didn't get the all inclusive, so there was a lot of bus rides to Zihua. The Commercial Mexicanna, and the Bodega are great places for grub. Ocassionally we like a good ole Bologna sandwitch, chips, and milk. The guys at the courtisy desk at the Krystal were a great help in getting two rookies on track. The second day of the trip I lost my prescr1ption glasses to the Pacific Ocean. One of the Krystal employees snorkeled for about an hr trying to find them, but no luck. Luckely I had perscr1ption sun glasses. I'm near blind. Day three, we went fishing with Capt. Temo of the Secuestro de Amor. I wanted to fly fish for Sail Fish. Temo HAD a nice 12 wt. Sage outfit. My wife got sea sick five miles out, and Temo offered to take her back to Zihua,but we opted to fish inshore instead. The fly rod was all set up. Temo said if we go fast to the inshore action, it would help her sea sickness. He opened up the throttle, and the next thing we knew, the line worked loose, throwing the fly and indicater into the water, thus pulling the fly rod out of the Panga. OUCH!! We turned around just in time to watch the rod succumb to the Pacific Ocean. There was a long moment of Silence. My heart Sank with it. We were able to get back into the spirit of things, and I did fight and loose something on his backup 9 wt.I was telling him about loosing my glasses, and he suggested Devlyn Opticas in Ziuha ( Yea Right). This Wyoming boy's legs don't see the sun, and I was wearing shorts, so I tried me Espanole with Temo. I pointed at my legs and said Palido, which means Pale. He looked at me, grinned, and said pollo. He called me Chicken legs! He has caller ID, and every time I call, he answers with POLLO!!. My wife felt guilty, and I was lucky enough to find a partner from Chicago to fish another inshore day, catching two nice Jacks, Bonito, and a Chula, which we had that night for dinner. I gave him a sticker from WYO Dept. of Transportation, which is now on the Secuestro. Hopefully I can save for a trip next year, and bring a 12 WT for Temo.Verizon does work well in Ixtapa, I didn't try it in Ziuha. Unfortunately we received some sad new about our dogs on day three, which put a damper on our trip. I went into Devlyn's 10:30 AM, and picked up my glasses at 12:30 PM. Eye exams are free, and glasses with frames were $150 US. We ate everything from Tortas at the Municipal Pier, available early in the morning before going out fishing, To El Faro in Ixtapa. All was good. If you want to get ahold of Temo, E-Mail me and I'll give you some info. And if you go out with him, tell him Poy-Yo says Hola.

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