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Dare I? I've been away from the board long enough to miss this long thread and now reading it, I can't help but want to add a couple of words hoping for a little help from Ghandi or someone of similar powers...

I am fascinated to live here and to be constantly introduced to deeper and deeper levels of complexity of life in Mexico. If someone wanted to write an epic novel set in this magical reality ... Mexican life and the luscious and sometimes painful swirling aspects... here it is! ... I mean, waiting to be written.

I think this confict is all based on misunderstanding.

Here's how I see it so far... and I invite any corrections of mistakes and other perspectives as this is how we learn...

There's a problem with the supporting of a Squatter's school here in Mexico because the school itself is part of another aim... one that is not ethical or beneficial to the children. That is the aim of getting title to protected lands for the real estate value of those lands. The problem is that these lands are protected for a reason and chidren need access to a good education. This presents a paradox but that's our challenge -to try to see both ends of the paradox...then some other perspective appears, offering a solution.

There IS a way to help these children have access to a better education without being part of their manipulation. Perhaps this should be the exploration and work of ProjectsZihua (who, by the way, may be doing great things apart from this 'not too late to rethink and perhaps truly mistaken matter').

The donors to ZihuaProjects are trying to help children have access to a better education and this is a good thing... caring and generosity that should be respected and appreciated in the spirit in which the giving is born. To this end, it is so important that their giving not be distorted and that all the children end up being helped and protected.

Rob is trying to shed light on a very important reality. The issue of Squatter's Groups taking ecologically sensitive and real estate-valued lands is an issue not only in Zihua but in many ecologically sensitive areas in Mexico including Chapultepec Park in Mexico City and many other areas.

This is an organized, complex trend in the abuse of Mexican Agrarian Reform laws. The generosity of people intending to help children is being manipulatively used to other... not ethical ends.

The solution seems to be in deepening awareness of the terrain and in studying this question... How to help these kids get a good education without being used as a pawn for a negative result?

The result of donating to a school that is part of a Squatter's Group is to support their obtaining title to protected lands and this is the whole point.

This Squatter's trend is a distortion of the Agrarian Reform laws and in this case, a manupulation of charity. It is a distortion of the act of giving... turning it into a tool for corruption.

Squatters, through a set of requisites over ten years -including IMPORTANTLY the 'establishment of a school'- can obtain legal title to lands meant for public use... such as park lands and ecological reserves.

This is the reason they establish the school and on the sqatted-upon land -always land with 'high real estate turn-over value' rather than other lands where they may gain title without negatively affecting the overall comunity. Otherwise, why not try to get help to send their kids to the legally established local schools?

The Squatter's Plan is a clearly plotted plan that goes against the intended purpose of the protection of these lands and the intended purpose of the Agrarian Reform laws... which were meant to break up huge Haciendas.

This Squatter thing in Mexico is not what it may appear. It is not the ethical and fair action of the poor working to survive and thrive (something along the lines of homesteading if you leave out the fact that there might have been people living there). It's really about greed and corruption. This is a conscious and planned highly complex political manipulation -including the manipulation of the generosity of many foreigners who are not in a position to have a clue about the impact of their donation. The purpose is profit...without concern for ethics or impact on the communty. Whew... that sounds bad and maybe it is.

I wonder if these words add any clarity or at least call up another perspective... I hope not to fuel fires of conflict. Everyone wants to see the kids have access to a good education. This should be the aim.

Let this part be as clear as glass... the Squatters Plan is not about educating the children. It's about using the establishment of a school to add weight to their court action over ten years with the aim of obtaining lands meant to be protected. If the school is a pawn toward this end then the donors to the school are being used and manipulated. Their gift ends up being part of something negative and unethical - and very political- polemically speaking.

All children should be protected and given access to a good education - without being manipulated for unethical ends. There's a way to do this and this is what should be explored.

It seems clear that ecologically sensitive lands, meant to be protected for the benefit of all the children now and in the future, should be protected.

It seems clear that laws meant to breakup haciendas should not be allowed to be manipulated for greed and through political corruption to destroy land that should be parks for the enjoyment of all the children.

Here's another thing... If it's the case that the school is a pawn to the larger aim of gaining title to protected lands for profit, then are not the parents of these kids in the Squatter's Groups teaching them how to thrive through corruption? If they are attempting to obtain protected lands they can turn over at a high profit once they get legal title... sometimes done with the support of elected officials in exchange for votes and the financial support of well meaning but misguided foreigners... is this not a master's course in corruption?

... Dialogue with an open mind in a spirit of respect can help. It's best to know the terrain. Let ZihuaProjects and all of us creatively find a solution to this problem... one can at least ask that this be explored.

These are my humble opinions... sorry to write such a long post. If you have skipped over too many words, I understand the perhaps greater wisdom of getting back to the beach or the hammock ...and to read fairy tales to Cheo and Ivan who will add to the things Little Red Riding Hood's mother puts in her basket... Chile verde, una Cauhyama.. tortillas.

hasta pronto,

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