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Escrito por Don desde ( el día viernes, 11 de marzo, 2005 a las 01:54:09 horas :

En respuesta a: Driving the coast south escrito por Tobias desde ( el día lunes, 28 de febrero, 2005 a las 18:52:44 horas :

I just returned yesterday from 2 weeks in Mexico. We flew in and out of ZIH. I rented a car and drove south to Puerto Escondido and then inland to Oaxaca.
My tips would be:
1- get a car with AC,
2- get a car with automatic transmission. Every little village, snack shack, restaurant, etc has installed topes, speed bumps, that force you to almost a dead stop.
3- Beware of Acapulco. Highway 200 takes you there and it's anyones guess how to get to the other side. Just keep the ocean on the correct side of the car. Road signs in general are poor in Mexico. I don't think there is a good time to drive through Acapulco.
4- The trip to PE is 400 miles and will take ALL day, 12 hours.
5-There is little to see or do along the way. South of Acapulco, Pinotepa Nacional is the largest town before PE and it was not inspiring.
6- Expect about 4 army security checkpoints between ZIH and PE. Once they see you are gringos you are generally waved through without questions. We were only stopped once and once I showed my ID all was well. 7- Gas stations are sufficient. We were never under 1/2 tank. Prices are 6.27 pesos/liter for leadfree Magna and 7.40 pesos/liter for premium. That's about $US 2.15 and 2.55 per US gallon at 11 pesos/USD.
8- There are some ecotrip spots not far north of PE that make good day trips.

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