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Let's see, Paracho is 18km uphill (sits at about 7000ft vs. 5200ft for Uruapan) from Uruapan through a beautiful pine forest. There are buses running all day long, about a 30-45min ride and costs something like 25pesos (very similar to the buses in Zihua that run to La Union and Petatlan). If you drive it will take about 20mins depending on how many water trucks and double semis you have to follow up the hill.

You will go through a small town called Capacuaro that is centered around making furniture out of the local pine trees. Mostly unfinished which can be bought for almost nothing. Had a friend who used to live in Z who bought everything there. I bought a 4 drawer dresser that was stained for 400pesos. No haggling on my part, simply asked what they wanted for it.

If you drive, park on the way into the Centro and walk along the main street. Guitar shops and factories on both sides. I'm going to take a run up there this weekend and will report back.

There are at least 20 shops that make and sell guitars. Most are on the street that goes through the centro. I have been to a couple, but am planning to make another run soon. The guitars run from unbelievably inexpensive to very costly. I highly recommend it as part of the Uruapan tour.

One note, it is about 10 or 15 degrees cooler in Paracho than Uruapan, so if for some reason you don't like the cooler temperatures you might want to bring a sweatshirt or sweater.

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