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Escrito por Minnesota Snowbunnie desde ( el día jueves, 17 de marzo, 2005 a las 09:30:18 horas :

Just returned from a 5-day trip to Ixtapa. It was our first time there and I would just like to thank everyone for posting on this board. I had read it for months before we went and printed things off here and there that turned out to be very helpful to us when we got there. The woman sitting next to me on the plane has used this site also, so we had a great chat that took up the 4-hour plane ride. We booked through Worry-Free so we had no problem once we got there getting to our hotel as the buses were right outside the airport. Our bus did run out of Corona though!
We arrived at our hotel (the only ones on our bus) the Costa Real and checked in. The man at the desk said that they had a garden room for us because they were all full. I didn't say anything until I saw the room. It was basically in the basement, smelled and did not have the king bed and ocean view I had paid for. I went back to the desk and complained. I did not back down and asked to speak to someone else. He used the radio to talk to someone and in 10 minutes our same bellman brought us to a different room that still did not have a very good view, but was much better. I have to say that our room still had a musty order and it did not go away through the course of the week. You will find throughout this trip report that while our hotel was fine and we had a great time, I probably would not stay there again. Because of where it is built on the beach, there are very few rooms that have a good view of the beach and because it is so far back, you do not get any of the good sound from the waves. The ocean is so rough right outside that there is a great crashing sound so it would have been wonderful to go to sleep to every night.
Anyway, by about 4:00 we were by the pool with drinks in our hand. The pool water was very cold and we never really went in much more than to the swim up bar the rest of the week. What they didn't tell us about this hotel is that it is made up mostly of Condos. People around the pool who stay at these condos tend to think they own the place so the chair saving was vicious. The average age at the pool was about 65. Nothing wrong with that at all, but we are in our mid 20's, so for us we were jealous of the fun we heard coming from the hotel next door.
We had the all-inclusive option and will NEVER do that again. The food was BAD and we ended up going out and spending what we would have anyway. We heard other hotels offer an all-inclusive drink option and that might be a better way to go.
Tuesday night we ate at Frank's because it was recommended on the board. After wandering around a bit to find it, we were successful and sat at the bar and had a few beers...we were pleasantly surprised that they had Dos Equis as not many places in Ixtapa/Z had it. We noticed that while every place around had no one in it, Frank's was packed from the time we got there until we left and even when we walked by later in the week. We got to meet Frank himself and chatted with some people who had been coming there for years. The food was excellent although my boyfriend said that the lobster wasn't the best he has had, but that the shrimp was to die for. Next time he will skip the Frank's special and just get the shrimp. I had the Mexican combo and it was very good. Found a little bar, can't remember the name, that is like a tree house and sat up there and had a few drinks and watched the people walk by below along with the people dancing at Senor Frogs across the way.
Wednesday we went to Z for the day and walked on the beach and ate lunch at La Perla on the recommendation of the board. Had a good lunch and spent the afternoon sunning on the beach out front. Wednesday night we went on a sunset cruise through our Worry-Free guy. Had a very good time and met some other people staying at the hotel next to us.
Thursday night we had our best dinner. We went to Villa de la Selva (sorry on the spelling). You take a cab up and you walk out and all you see is ocean. Gorgeous sunset and view the whole time we where there. The service was excellent and it was the best food I have had in a long time....although I could have bought 2 weeks worth of groceries for how expensive it was. It was worth it for the view, food and service. Hopefully my pictures turn out. (Try the warm chocolate cake for dessert with the homemade coconut ice cream…to die for!)
Friday we went parasailing on the beach with Alberto’s. He said he has been there since 1981 and we thought he and his guys did a very good job, well worth the money. Friday night we went out with some other couples that we met to this place in Z that is way up on top of the hill on the far side of the main beach where La Perla is(sorry I don't remember the name La Carr something maybe?). The food was not good, the service not all that great, but it had an excellent view. We then went to a place that was on the opposite side of the bay in Z. I do not know the name (it was up this skinny little cobblestone road from where the foot bridge is over to Rick’s) but it was set back in it’s own little cove and had tables set up right next to the water. The sound was amazing I wish we had been there when it was lighter as the view, even in the dark, was great. I guess there is a hotel there too and it is about $600 a night or so? We had a drink there and wished we had eaten there as the food smelled wonderful.
Saturday we packed up and headed home. No problems on our flight back either.

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