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Escrito por Jenn desde (cpe-24-208-190-31.columbus.res.rr.com) el día miércoles, 15 de junio, 2005 a las 21:56:07 horas :


First off I would like to thank everyone for the valuable information posted on this message board.

My boyfriend and I just spent 10 spectacular days in Zihuatanejo at Villa Del Sol!

First of all, this hotel is absolutely amazing. There is a reason they have won all of the awards that they have, and after staying there, it's easy to see why. The staff is incredible, and genuinely nice. Our room was the best we've ever seen ( and we travel quite a bit ). We were very impressed by the food at Villa Del Sol as well.

The weather was perfect! A great breeze came right through the bay and into our room all day, every day.
Admittedly, we didn't do a whole lot. ' Relajarse ' was always the word of the day!

Three times we did go into town, and it was great. The shops, the food ( Tamales Antoles & Any ) the musicians...
Just what the doctor ordered, literally.

Took a fishing trip on the Maramay 3 with Captain Chay. We caught 7 Black Tuna - kept 3. It would have been nice to catch more variety, but we were very happy. Chay took us to a restaurant on Ixtapa Island, where they cooked up one of the tuna. We gave the other two to the captain and the restaurant. My boyfriend said it was fantastic! ( I don't eat seafood - I know, muy loca!!! )

We became pretty good friends with a local waiter. He invited us to go spend the day with him at his house. That was by far our favorite day - just hanging out with a local friend and his family. They were all so unbelievably nice and generous. Talk about total immersion! My boyfriend and I can mostly-kind-of get-by with our Spanish - and we had a book - but no one spoke English. They cooked us some local food ( Aporriodillo ! Our new favorite meal! ) and we talked, shared music, danced, laughed, drank, it was great!

We also had a dinner at Kau Kan. Not being a seafood eater, I mostly had tomato dishes. My boyfriend had clams, and mixed seafood with spaghetti. He said it was great!

La Perla was a nice relaxed place as well. Again, great food! Plus they had a Pittsburgh Steelers sign. Ha!
I think it's hard to find a bad meal meal in Zihua.

All in all, we wish we were back there now!
The people we met throughout our trip were so nice, and very sweet.

Thanks for all of the pre-trip info!


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