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Escrito por Christian desde (?) el día viernes, 17 de junio, 2005 a las 09:42:41 horas :

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Troncones has a point/reef break right out in front of the Inn at manzanillo bay, but beware the bottom is FULL of urchins and it's a prettys shallow take off, about 4ft of water or so. If the swell isn't that big, two rocks will pop up in the face, just drop down and bottom turn around them, they are far more scary than they actually are.

Not sure how good you are, but if you can catch troncones point on a day where it's bigger than 8 - 10ft faces, you'll be in for a treat. It's a fun wave that will break well out into the cove there, but it definitely needs some swell.

If you've never surfed reef before, don't let it intimidate you, as you'll see it clear as day as you're paddlinig down the face. But don't give into temptation to walk out on the rocks and jump in, make the longer paddle out through the bay.

This place did manage to give me about 10 stiches and two feet full of urchins(Passed out from the pain).... heh... but I love this break. It's fun.

Saladita, from troncones is just up highway 200 to LLannos(sp) and hang a left. Drive through the town and head straight to the water.

You paddle out across the bay, it's a good long paddle, I would say a few hundred yards at least, took me a good 10 minutes or so.

Wave is fun most of the morning and at night. If you are lucky enough to catch it overhead, like i did, you'll be in for a treat. Such a FUN wave, but much bigger than 1 or 2 ft overhead and it starts to close out on most swells.

The ranch is a place that is almost impossible to give directions to. It's up about another 30 minutes past saldita and I couldn't even explain how to get there. But this place is great but tends to get crowded much like saladita.

It's technically a point, but breaks more like a beach break, especially when it's big.( I showed up and thought it looked fun, saw a guy drop in and it was easy double overhead. Some guys were calling sets 12 - 15ft faces)

The take off area is varying depending on swell, buit there is an inside section that gets really fun and is really fast. I surfed basically bymyself on the inside on this making swell, and it was still 1ft overhead inside and down the point, but I was solo. Couldn't beat it.

Get quesadillas from "Mama" when you're at the ranch, they are amazing.

The breaks are really not what I would call "performance" breaks, but the ranch is about as close as you get. It magnifies a swell so good, ah man, it's epic when it's firing. Hope you catch it good.

You can surf the beachbreak in troncones but be prepared to be looked at as if you are insane. With such clean points so close, people think you are nuts to go in and take a beating in pretty powerful beach break.

I surfed out front of Tropic of Cancer and had the typical bear of a paddle out and then close out barrels, but hey, I'm from NJ, so it was a blast.

You could even make the trek to petacalco if you want, but bring a good set of balls with ya, it has three reefs that it breaks off of and it's a MACKING wave.

Rent Siestas and Olas, or buy it rather, and you'll get a good sense of surfing in Mainland Mexico.

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