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Escrito por Bernie G desde ( el día domingo, 19 de junio, 2005 a las 11:16:39 horas :

Our flight down was uneventful and when we got off the plane we found the temperature very comfortable compared to Oklahoma.The trip to Ixpata was short and we checked into the massive Las Brisis. More on the hotel later.
After unpacking we hoped a cab ( one of many ) to Z where we proceded to get to know the city even with plane lag. It was our anniversary trip so one of the first stops was Albertos for a pendant and chain for my wife. Let me say that this jewelry store is more like a museum with fine handcrafted pieces on a world class leval. After about an hour and a half we settled on a Fire Opal surronded with small diamonds wraped in a beautiful gold setting. Everyone in the establishment was super . It was like going to a family jewelry store. After that we walked restaurant row and decided to go to dinner at Tamales Any. It was just like everyone on the board said it would be. Great service, fine food and very comfortable. After that we went back to our hotel.
Day 2 Hopped a cab and went into Z for breakfast at a restaurant two doors down from Albertos. Great Chilaquiles. More shopping and then dinner at Z's restaurant at Club Intrawest. This restaurant was fabulous, service great, sunset striking, and food presentation outstanding. Just a note. There were six Mexican women having dinner next to us and when we got up to leave they all turned to look at us and smile as we were dressed for dinner and my wife looked gorgeous. I even had a tie on. It made us feel special.
Day 3. Up at 5 to go fishing. We took our morning cab ride to Z and stocked up on sandwiches at the pier. Met Temo ,set up by Ixtapa fishing, and were off for offshore action . At 7: 30 we had our first sail on and at 8:15 our second. The first was released but the second tail wrapped and died. It was sad but that happens. After that we had one more strike but did not hook up. The wind picked up and our fishing was quiet for the rest of the day. Let say that my wife has been my fishing buddy for thirty years and her idea of fishing is a good book and a comfortable place to nap. If a fish happens along and it's her turn I wake her and she takes care of business and then it's back to sleep. This has always been her style and one that she truly loves. Temo was great. Very personable and all business with the fishing.Picked up food and coffee for next day breakfast. Back to the hotel and soundly asleep by seven that evening.
Day four, got up and had breakfast from Panaderia el Buen Gusto a bakery everyone should vist Ummm! Coffee from Cafe Zihua. Thanks again for the leads. Back to Z for some more shopping and a trip to the museum where we found a great painting for our daughter who is in the Air Force. The painting is beautiful and very affordable. Don't overlook this place for local talent. After that we went to a very special place for lunch that locals go for seafood. We were told that not many turistas know about the place and many locals were surprised that we found it. it was in the archives but i won't devulge the name. Everything from Alga to Tiritas with many stops in between finishing with Mescal. Out of this world.Back to Las Brisas for a swim in one of their four pools.
day five, off to Z again for fishing. This time we did inshore and picked up five yellow tail Jacks that proved to be real horses to fight. A few Bonita. Temo is a great guide !!! We had a fine day and my wife really caught up on her sleep. We fished from Ixtapa island all the way up to Troncones. What a beautiful day watching the surf, birds, dolphins, and turtles. A day you could really charge your batteries up for when we get back to the states. A quick swim at the pool and off to bed. Aren't we boring!
Day six. We decided not to rent a car for fifty bucks to go to Barra de Potosi so we hopped a cab for 30.00 bucks to take us up there early. We got there at 8:30 and went for an hour and a half walk. The beach was empty except for a few fisherman. What a great place. We opted for a local day not americanized Troncones. We were treated like royalty at Teresitas where we spent the day. What a great little restaurant. Fire roasted red snapper with all the trimmings including beer for 20.00 dollars including tip. This is a place not to be missed.Picked up some stuff for the house and then a cab back to Z for 25.00 dollars. Not a bad deal considering a car would have been 50.00 dollars and our round trip by cab was 55.00.Back to bed as tomorrow will come early again.
day 7 & 8 spent fishing for roosters thirty miles down the coast ( no luck but 6 more Jacks). The wind was relly strong making it hard to get in close. The next day we fished for food and came up with six bonitos, three Spanish Mackerel a big needlefish fish and more back breaking Jacks. We went directly to Temos mothers restaurant on Las Gatas ( Chez Arnoldos) where they prepared a feast for us. The Spanish Mackerel and needlefish were done in medallions and the Bonito was done as ceveche and steaks.Kicking back with drinks was really the good life !!!!
Our last day was done shopping in Ixtapa and in Z. I'll tell you about this later because it really is a story by itself. To say the least the trip home was a very interesting trip.
Part two of this will come when my fingers aren't so tired.

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