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Escrito por beatleboy desde ( el día domingo, 19 de junio, 2005 a las 15:16:39 horas :

I have been wanting to visit Zi since I read about it in a travel magazine six years ago. I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever go. Well, we went...and it was one of the best experiences of my life!!!

I love Mexican food, while my wife feels "so-so" about it. After this trip, she can't stop talking about how great everything was. I might even get a return trip now!

I'll quickly give a run-down on what we did and where we did it (get your minds out of the gutter, people).

We arrived mid-afternoon on Sunday and checked in to Brisas Del Mar. I love this hotel and its staff. It's not a resort-looking place, but the service is beyond what I've ever found in some of the shiny new places we've been to.

We had time for a quick walk on the La Madera beach and a couple of cold Pacificos before going to clean up and get ready to go out for dinner. The hotel offers a Happy Hour ever evening from 5-7 on their deck which has a gorgeous view of the bay. The bartender, Frederico, is a man with a zest for life and he wants to share it with you. And, the man makes THE BEST margaritas anywhere.

We went into el centro to eat at Garrabo's. My wife had a beautifully prepared red snapper while I ordered the lobster tacos. The pico de gallo was excellent and the atmosphere very nice. Our waiter, Axel, was most courteous and extremely interesting to talk to.

Monday--We walked into el centro along the oceanfront walkway and made our way to "Any's" for breakfast. We both had chiliquiles. Outstanding! My wife had an atole which is a drink that is very hard to describe but quite tasty. Kind of a coffeeish type drink, but different.

The walk to La Ropa beach involves a trek up a STEEP hill. It's not that far, but it's a workout. She got a one-hour massage for $20 while I sat at Paty's enjoying the scenery and sipping on Indio beers. She joined me afterwards and we shared some tiritas which we had never eaten before. It quickly became a staple of our diets.

Back to the hotel for a siesta on our deck whick included a hammock, several lounge chairs, and a jacuzzi. Couldn't miss Happy Hour with Frederico before making the five minute walk to La Gula restaurant. This is a gourmet restaurant with moderate prices. We were the only customers, but when we talked with the owners (Rosa and her husband)they said that they intended to remain open even during the slow season. My only wish for this couple is that they could find a better locat1on. This is a truly great place.

Frederico gave us some Drambuie to take back to our room for a nightcap which we enjoyed in the jacuzzi on our deck. The sounds of the ocean, the stars, the hot tub...ahhh.

I'll write more later, but want to add that La Case Cafe is closed for the slow season. Too bad because it had been so highly recommended on this board. BTW, this message board was EXTREMELY helpful for us on our trip. More later.

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