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Tuesday: We walked along the oceanfront walkway into el centro to find Nueva Zelanda which had been recommended here. We found it, but weren't crazy about the food. Not saying it's bad at all, but it didn't knock us out. However, my wife did have a blended drink that was tasty. I think it was called guanana.

We walked down to the market and took a look around. On the way back to Brisas, we stopped at MJ's & Richie's for a beer and some trinitas. Just a great breeze flowing thru. Martin was a super server. After a little siesta on our deck, we went back down to the beach and laid out under the palapas at our hotel. The wait staff there is fantastic and four hours later we were well taken care of with sand, surf, and suds.

Dinner was back near the market at Capricho's. I really liked the restaurant's layout. It has a courtyard for dining which was nice. Food? Well, not bad, but not overwhelming.

On Wednesday, we took an early panga ride over to Las Gatas. Round trip? $3 a person. We were literally the first visitors there. We took a walk up and down the beach and had a made to order breakfast under a tree right on the beach. From there, we moved back up the beach to a Brisas Del Mar set-up where Winces Lau (sp?) took great care of us. We set up shop under a palapa mere feet from the water. Winces was there whenever we even thought about needing him. We had "meechaladas," which might become a new favorite of mine, along with tiritas and ceviche. We rented some snorkeling gear for a couple of bucks and took several little swims out. The snorkeling is not top of the line here, but it is a nice break from the sun and beach. Plus, I had a one hour $20 massage that was supreme.

One of the most enjoyable days I've ever had. And it cost a total of $33.

The trip is about half-way over, but I'm trying not to think about it at this point.

More later...

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