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Wednesday night we went to Fisherman's Walk and ate at Elvira's. My wife had a large seafood platter and I went for the carne. Both extremely tasty.

Not real excited about the constant hawking of "two for ones" as you pass each restaurant along the walk, but none of them were rude or overbearing. In fact, one of these guys...Sergio at a restaurant whose name I cannot remember...was extraordinarily helpful. He let us take a real menu back to the hotel. Unfortunately, his place of employment just didn't have the kind of fare we wanted. Still, we appreciated his gesture and went back to have a couple of drinks there (taking back the menu, btw)

Thursday...back to La Ropa for breakfast at Paty's which was very nice. We walked down to La Perla, but just didn't get the feel I was looking for down there. It looked like it could really be a happening place, though.

We enjoyed more beach and bar time back at the hotel at La Madera. The beach is so much less crowded...and peaceful. Although, I did notice an occasional JetSki creeping in to the bay. Hated to see that, but it happens, I guess.

Last meal was at Tamales and Atoles ("Any's"). Amigos, my ONLY regret of this trip was that we didn't go here more often. Our breakfast there had been magnificent. Every local we talked to said that Any's was the best food around. Unfortunately, we saved it for the last night. But, it was absolutely out of this world.

We had never had pozoles. But we had heard so much about the dish that we BOTH tried a version of it. My stomach is growling now just thinking about it. It's superb. In addition, I had a nice shot of Tres Generations tequila and Any's gives you a small shot of mezcal with each pozole. It works.

After a nice hot jacuzzi on the deck at Brisas...I slept soundly.

Nothing left but the wrap-up summary.

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