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My fears of the drinking water were greatly exaggerated. Neither of us got sick at all. The advice from this board was terrific. Don't be afraid to ask the restaurant or hotel about the water situation. They won't take offense. But, there is no reason to worry as long as you use common sense.

The people are so genuinely nice. They appreciated the effort we showed in trying to speak their language. They were very encouraging and helpful in offering corrections.

Although a few places were closed because it is the "off" season, the bargain prices make it difficult for me to see why we'd need to go during peak season.

When...not if...but when we go back, we will again stay at Brisas Del Mar. I told the staff there that they made us truly feel at home. We will dine at Any's many, many times! We will again go to Las Gatas, but will probably arrange a trip to Manzanilla for snorkeling next time. And...I will have studied and practiced my Spanish because it is a joy to speak with the locals in their tongue.

Thanks to all here for the fantastic informaton.

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