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Escrito por dennis and diane in TO desde ( el día martes, 21 de junio, 2005 a las 17:55:39 horas :

After spending 5 years staying in Ixtapa, we have decided this year we would like to try an "all Zihua" vacation, due to the fact that we spend most of our time in Zihua anyway. Regarding the Catalina resort, we have a few questions for anyone who has been there that we have been unable to get answers to from the archives. We'd appreciate any input. What are the differences between the bungalows and the casitas? Do they have private or semi-private balconies? Are there any special rates for longer stays? (We will be there 2 weeks) Are the prices for the beer/drinks reasonable at the beach bar? Are you allowed to bring coolers down to the beach? Any worry about security? There was one report where there was a break-in due to the balconies being too close to the path... Does anyone have recommendations as to which room is better than another? We have read many great reviews and are looking forward to our stay. Thanks in advance.

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