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Escrito por Libby desde ( el día jueves, 23 de junio, 2005 a las 23:33:52 horas :

Sorry this took awhile, my life back home got in the way of reporting on our trip...

We were absolutely thrilled with the Club Intrawest! The level of service at this facility was amazing! We were there on a special promotion in a suite (most of the units are at least one bedroom.) Upon checking in we found that our room had an amazing view of La Ropa beach, with an equally great view of the constuction site next door :( I called the front desk and very politely asked if there were another room available. They took care of it immediately and fell over themselves apologizing. Our new suite was twice as big, with a partial view of the beach.

A few things about the place-
-Free internet access. They have a room with four computers for the use of their guests.
-Free laundry facilities in each building. This was awesome! Wish I'd known for sure about it before we left. Take 1/2 the dressy stuff you think you'll need, and more swim suits!
-Save your water bottles. Each building has a big water dispenser by the ice makers.
-The suite had a huge walk-in shower with a bench seat along one wall. It had a well equipped little kitchen with fridge, toaster, blender, hot plate, skillet, really nice glassware and dishes. The deck was amazing and really opened up, even further the size of our room. The deck had a nice double sized chaise lounge. The bigger units have plunge pools and hammocks as well. The air conditioning was good - too good in fact!
-The pool area was great with a family pool, and an adult pool with swim up bar. Love that! The drinks were a bit spendy - $6 to $7 US for cocktails, $2.50 US for a beer. It was okay to bring drinks down from your room though.
-If you want music, bring your own. Only clock radio in the room with one station. The music selection at the pool is pretty lame as well. They will play your CD's at the pool if you'd like.
-We enjoyed all of restaurants/bars, Z, Z Bar and the Surf Club. They had nightly theme dinners in the Z bar which is one level upstairs from the Z restaurant. Samantha will leave you a message every day as to what the theme and drink special is! The Surf Club was by the pool and had yummy burgers, appetizers, etc... The Z restaurant was an outstanding upscale, romantic evening.
-It was a bit of a hike back and forth from the pool/beach to the rooms, but if you called for a ride, they came right away with a golf cart - the "limo"! I didn't feel like it was an issue at all.
-Nice (chilly) workout room. Never used it, just looked in.
-I wouldn't recommend the spa. It was nice and all, but just outside of the Club Intrawest, on the beach is a place that was 1/2 the price. My husband and I had massages at the same time. The massage was a little over one hour and cost $100.00 with tip for both.

Some things/places of note other than the Club Intrawest
-If you have to choose, skip Ixtapa. We were walking down the street and someone jumped out of a van to timeshare us! Hated it... The beach was the only pretty thing about the place.
-Had a fun day at Las Gatas. We walked passed every little place and they are all hawking you to come spend time/$$ with them. We tried three different places - one had a huge family group move in by us (little too loud), the next had to run next door to get stuff for a marg and to use the blender! However, the third place was awesome!! I can't remember the name of it, but it was the 2nd place from the far end, pink umbrellas, teal chairs and the only place with houseplants on the tables. The waiters name was Franko and he couldn't have been more hospitable and attentive. The shrimp tacos were outstanding and I have a photo of me holding the worlds best and biggest pina colada served in a huge pineapple!!
-Don't judge a restaurant by it's appearance. The restaurant at Villa Del Sol wasn't very good, and Elvira on La Ropa beach was outstanding - go figure.
-Other good restaurants - Kau Kan - the tables by the wall outside were the best. Il Mare was okay italian, but awesome view. Amuleta/o (sp) was a cabride away, up on the hill. The food wasn't that great, but the view at sunset was incredible. We had a couple good breakfasts at La Serena Gorda in town. Try the hot cakes w/ apples, raisin and walnuts, or the cream cheese/blueberry stuffed french toast - yummy!!

We were there on a promotional special sent to us on the internet. I think it was sent to us because my husband travels so much. I don't think it is available any longer, but you could check the Club Intrawest website. I did not find that the website had much info. on the property though.

It ended up being about $100.00 per night for 7 nights. We tacked on three extra nights for $165.00, plus taxes, etc. per night. The employees at the property could not get us a rate, they had to call Canada to get it for us.

Club Intrawest is a timeshare, but from what I heard, some of the rooms are still owned by the builder, so they will rent out until those are filled by members??? I don't really understand it, didn't get any type of timeshare pitch at all and would not join because most of their properties are places we would not go to.

Long story short, it's worth checking out to see if you could get a decent rate.

Hope this helps some of you, as some of you have helped us.

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