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Posted by Laura on January 02, 2001 at 09:19:05:

In Reply to: Barra on weekends? posted by Bret in Portland on January 01, 2001 at 15:53:26:

HI Bret,

It's true that the weekends are the busier times at the enramada restaurants in La Barra. the tourism is mostly mexican from outlying areas as well as from farther away. In practice, it becomes extremely busy with crowds that you could call crowds only a few days of the year. these days are the week following Christmas day until the 5th of January, Easter week (especially!) and the long weekends around the Mexican Independence day of the 15th of September.

Pretty much the entire rest of the year La Barra is quiet and tranquil on the beach. A scattering of local tourism shows up on weekends but not what I wold call anything close to crowded. You can still enjoy the feeling of the tranquility with a family heare and there near you in a restaurant, no loud noise or anything like that. This is not the case during the above mentioned busy times when you will find big crowds, lots of noise from various music sources, ambulantes selling balloons and toys etc. etc. That can be fun when you are in the mood too.

I prefer the quiet times which is almost all the time. We like to go to La Condesa and have coffee in the early morning... no body else there, gorgeous to watch the fishermen arriving with the early morning catch and the birds feeding! In the afternoon maybe there will be two or three tables with quiet couples or families. On the weekend mostly Sunday, there will be more tables, more people but no conflicting cd players or trucks parked on the beach as there might be the week after Christmas or before Easter. By the way all the discussion of crowds involves the area in the corner where the enramada restaurants are and maybe at the hotel. The rest of the beach, which is very long, remains mostly empty except for the highest highest tourism days of the day after Christmas, the day after New Year's day and a few days the week before Easter.

Hope this helps!

Hasta luego,
Bara de Potosi

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