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Posted by Mike and Peggy on October 26, 2001 at 16:47:07:

Hola from Mike and Peggy!

Thought I would inform everyone of our trip to Ixtapa/Zih.

We left Fort Morgan, CO on October 6 (chilly 28 degrees) to Paradise. Security at Denver International Airport was pretty lousy (hope this has changed, besides the long lines). We made it to Zihu Airport about 3:30 that afternoon.

We were warned about the humidity. The air was so thick and the weather was really humid.

At the Airport we met Antonio. Antonio sent us packing in an airport taxi and informed us to speak to Adan at Dorado Pacifico. Adan informed us he would take care of any tours we decided to take.

We checked in and were given room 1025. Had a very nice ocean view.

After unpacking and changing into summer clothes we went down to the lobby and outside to check things out. Talk about Paradise. It was breath taking. The waves hammered the beach... what a sight!

We walked around the pool and back into the lobby to inquire about the area of Carlos and Charlie's. After getting a taxi (20 pesos) we were taken to Carlos and Charlie's for dinner. Mike and I had drink's, Pacifico Beer (30 peso) and bottled Water (17 peso sure tasted good). Not sure what to get on the menu and trying to be safe we ordered Chicken Enchilados (60 peso). Talk about service. We were given different salsa's, cucumbers, jicama, chips, and bread. Our waiter, Bruno, was excellent. He was there to answer questions as best as he could. Our dinner cost 117 pesos. Not bad. After dinner Bruno brought us an after dinner drink of Kahlua on ice. The Chicken Enchiladas were very good. Bruno even called a taxi to take us back to our hotel. The sunset was really something to watch, even with the haze of the humidity.

On Sunday Mike and I walked down the street to Toco Tucan. We were greeted by Jorge. Talk about parrots. He has two yellow headed parrots, two macaws, a smaller parrot, and a tucan. We ate omelete's made with yellow american cheese (we found you really need to acquire a taste for the white cheese, was very strong and smelled very, very strong). The meal came with toast and homemade strawberry perserves, and juice (88 pesos). Jorge challenged me to a game of tic-tac-tow. The first game we tied, unfortunately he won the second game. If I would of won Jorge would buy our breakfast.

Back at the hotel we spoke with Adan who booked us for a sunset cruise for later that afternoon. In the meantime we put on our swimsuits went down to the pool for a dip and sat in the shade and read books.

Later we were taken by van to Zihua Pier for Sunset Cruise. We met Sidney, Lori, Frances, Julie, and Christine from Seattle and Debbie and husband (not sure where they are from), and John and Edna from Oklahoma. Had a nice enjoyable time from Zihua bay out to the ocean and Ixtapa bay. Even got to see a Sea Turtle! Spent 5 hours on the Sunset Cruise. Was able to take many pictures of the scenery. Of course the sky was hazy from the humidity, but the sky was beautiful.

After the Cruise we walked over to Tucan's for dinner of Spaghetti and home made sauce (112 pesos).

On Monday, after a late start, we took a bus to Zihua. Talk about hot and humid. We were led by a man trying to find Zihua Rob. After about 30 minutes and getting lost several times we finally found Rob. We stayed and talked to Rob for quite awhile, Rob has air conditioning and it felt so good. We were informed Rob loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups so we took him a couple of bags (how many are left?).

Rob got Mike and I a taxi that took us to La Perla Resturant on La Ropa Beach. We were greeted by the manager, (not sure of his name). Mike and I shared a plate of Fish Sticks (Mahi Mahi/Dorado). These were very good. Mike had Indio Beer and I had Coco Loco (fresh coconut with the top cut off and the coconut milk was used to make a pina colada very very good). Later on Mike had chicken tacos. The cost for the lunch and drinks was 190 pesos.

After lunch we walked on the beach and found some little shells and took many pictures.

After this we took a taxi back into Zihua and a bus back to Ixtapa. The bus was 8 pesos for the two of us and the taxi was 20 pesos. Watch the drivers, ask before you get in the taxi for the cost.

Back at the hotel we put on our swim suits and had a long dip and read our books under the shade of a palapa til dinner. Mike and I had a light dinner at JJ's Junk Food of chicken wings, pepsi, and water (99 pesos).

Tuesday was our bad day. As they say there must be one bad day of vacation to make the rest more enjoyable. On Monday we were on our way to find Olehyo (Yeaho) to see about a driver to Petatalan and Barra De Potosi. We stopped to look at the menu at Cafe Onyx and was approached by an American. We listened to what he had to say and told him we were looking for this man to take us to Petatalan. Of course this guy told us that he could give us the same tour for less. Great we say. The man's name is Greg (Rojo). So we listened to what he had to say. On Tuesday we were taken to the Barcelo Hotel given a free Breakfast Buffet and taken on a tour with Gena through the Club Royal. After the tour we watched a little film and taken in the conference room for the rest of the tour. After listening to her trying to sell us on the membership of the Club Royal Mike finally got the price out of her. For a 30 year membership (the minimum), the price was $58,000.00 and she wanted us to pay half that day. When she couldn't get the answer she wanted to hear she calls over some high priced salesman to talk us into the deal. By that time we wanted to tell Gena where she could put the Club Royal. Mike finally stood up and said a definate no we could not afford this plan. In the meantime there were hoards of people (mainly Mexicans) coming in to listen to other salesman. As we were told by Greg (Rojo) we would get a free bottle of Kahlua, a receipt for a Country Side Tour and a Trip to Petatlan, plus a ride back to our hotel for 300 pesos. WRONG!!!!! Yes, we did get the Kahlua, and a receipt to the Country Side Tour. But we were told the trip was not included and we would have to find a way back to the hotel. Of course we were hotter than the weather by this time. On our way out of the hotel Barcelo guess who we saw. Right the idiot Greg. I felt sorry for the older couple following behind, like fresh meat. In no time did we let him know how we were treated and what had happened. Of course Greg went to talk to the people, in Spanish, to "try to straighten this mess". We were given a coupon for 300 pesos for credit of a meal at the Cafe Onyx and a ride back to our hotel. We learned our lesson the hard way. So if you pass the Cafe Onyx, across the street from Dorado Pacifico, and are approached by a short, fat, red headed man and he says his name is Greg and called Rojo keep walking by and do not talk to him. Let him know you were warned by the couple from Colorado who he swindled earlier in October. Unfortunately, we wasted most of one day of vacation with this idiot. To cool ourselves down we went over to the Cafe Onyx and had Cheese Quesadilla's (with American Cheese), two Dos XX's, and water (80 pesos).

We went back to the Dorado put on our swimsuits and went to the pool to cool off. Later on we walked down to Tocos Tucan and found Oleahyo's shop behind Tucan Resturant. Oleahyo told us for 1450 pesos he would take us to Petatlan and Barra de Potosi. If we would not of wasted a day being swindled we could of had the time of our life with Oleahyo. It may have cost more, but we would have a private tour guide with experience. Take my advice it would have been more of an experience with Oleahyo. Mike and I went to El Faro the light house at Ixtapa Marina. Took many pictures, then we took a bus back to the hotel. For dinner we went over to Cafe Onyx with the credit voucher. Mike and I had Mahi Mahi (Dorado Fish), Pina Colada, Dos XX's, and a Banana Split. Believe the price came to 300 pesos. We did leave a nice tip.

On Wednesday we got an early start to Zihua. It had rained some the night before and the weather was cool. We walked down to the Marina and found Rob's. Since he was not opened we went back down the street to La Bocana for breakfast. Had scrambled eggs with sausage, fruit plate, juice, and toast for 108 pesos. The food was good. Walked back to Rob's and talked some with him. Mike and I walked down the street to the pier, took more pictures and shopped at the flea market. They do like to haggle, but only got a few bargains. We did go to one jewelry shop not too far from Rob's, beautiful tiger opal 1800 pesos. Of course did not buy, but it was tempting for me.

By noon the temp was very hot and the humidity was even hotter. We took a bus back to the Dorado Pacifico, put on out swimsuits and took a swim and read under the shade of the palapa's.

That night we went back to Carlos and Charlie's for dinner. As before we were given the royal treatment. We decided to splurge and had the BBQ ribs. Talk about heaven. It was delicious. We also had our usual beer and pina colada's. After a beautiful sunset, still had the haze, we took a taxi back to the hotel.

Thursday was a big day. We were taken with two other couples on the country side tour. Our driver, Letty, and guide, Rigoberto, were excellant. We went to a coconut plantation, tile working farm, and out to Barra de Potosi. At Barra Mike went with one other couple down the lagoon and I stayed with the other couple, Jim and Trish from Seattle. We had lunch of breaded Spanish Mackerel, fresh tortillas and salsa. Lunch was very good. There is road construction on the road to Barra de Potosi so it was a very bumpy ride most of the way.

Back at the hotel we rested til dinner time and decided to go to El Faro Resturant. Took a taxi to the Resturant. Before dinner we rode the tram down to the beach. We did get to see the crocodiles. Unfortunately, we never did get to see them being fed. We took some pictures and then rode the tram to the top for pictures of the sunset. At the El Faro Resturant we had Carne Asada with Bacon, and Linguinne with Alfredo Sauce. The food is good, but overpriced. Went back to the hotel. Fabian was able to get us included on the tour to Las Gatas Beach for Friday.

Friday was another big day. We joined several people, from Arizona, Chicago, and Seattle, in van to Zihua Pier. We took a water taxi to Las Gatas Beach. There we laid back with a good book and drank beer and waded out into the ocean. Las Gatas is the only beach with a man-made reef. Water was great, of course don't talk when a wave is coming in. I found this out the hard way. If you have never had the pleasure of tasting ocean salt water it is not good. Lunch was included and we ate Spanish Mackerel. Our driver to Zihua Pier was Letty, nice person, and the guide was Jose. At Las Gatas we did see Rigoberto and had a nice chat with him. After lunch I had the most wonderful fruit drink. It was made inside a fresh pineapple. The top is cut off and the inside scooped out and filled with three kinds of liquor and the juice of the pineapple. The top is secured back on with toothpicks, a face is made with lime and oranges, and the nose is the center core of the pineapple. Muey Bueno!!!!!! Later on we bought a set of onyx dolphins and were taken back by water taxi to Zihua Pier. Still full from the late lunch we walked over to the Mercado Turista and bought some things.

Saturday was our last day. After some packing we walked down to Toco Tucan. Mike had a ham and cheese omelete (yellow American Cheese) and I had pancakes. Of course we were entertained by Jorge and the parrots. Breakfast cost 72 pesos. We went back to hotel, finished packing and waited for the taxi to take us to the airport. GOODBYE IXTAPA/ZIHUA.

All in all we did have a good time. The taxis usually cost 20 pesos depending on where you are going and the bus 4 pesos each. We were told the taxi and bus drivers went on strike after our time there, so not sure if the prices are still the same.

We never had a bad meal. All of the food is very good and most of the prices are reasonable. Go to Carlos and Charlie's ask for Bruno and you will be treated the best.

Our stay at the Hotel Dorado Pacifico was the best. We had a very good room and the service was great. These people went out of their way to accommodate your every need. Raul, the bell captain, and Fabian, contact tours, were the best. Both were there with information and a friendly face. Edgar, at the desk, was always there to help us. At the Dorado we had a hotel credit of $50.00 for a 7 night stay so we were at the hotel every night for the Happy Hour 6 - 8. We highly recomend the Dorado. Nothing really fancy, but everything you are looking for in a hotel. We gave it a 10.

Our thanks to Rob for this good message board and all the wonderful air conditioning. Do you have any Reese's Peanut Butter Cups left?

Unfortunately, seven days is not enough time to do everything we wanted to do. Guess we will need to return someday to do and see all we can. We did not get to eat at a lot of the different resturants, that is why we need to come back.

This is a wonderful vacation and our next adventure is a cruise to Alaska.

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