Trip Report Part I

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Posted by Babcocks (formerly the bride) on October 31, 2001 at 10:34:59:

Wow! It took me long enough to do this. I hate when the vacation is over...

Trip Report: The Ultimate Honeymoon

Day One – Oct. 7 – Got in mid afternoon and just couldn’t believe we were actually there! We stayed at Villa del Sol, landing of really cold air conditioning and pricey drinks! Once we got settled an unpacked we explored La Ropa and had some dinner at La Perla. Tasty food, but no chips and salsa = no instant gratification! Bummer. Got munched on by a few “no-see-ums” but loved watching the sun set and people watching at La Perla. Met some great people at the bar there, watching Sunday Night Football. Ended the evening at Orlando’s Bar. Holy overpriced drinks Batman! Why is the welcome drink always so much stronger…..

Day Two – Oct. 8 – Woke up to find a carafe of coffee and the Times Digest outside the door. Man, are we spoiled! After breakfast we headed out to El Centro. If you’re staying in the Hotel Zone, I highly recommend walking into town to familiarize yourself and check out the cool plants. Got some lunch at Los Braseros (which my husband kept accidentally referring to as Los Basuras. Big difference) The tacos de bistek are way too good and I could live on the red salsa! We sought out Rob, as peanut butter cups were melting in my backpack. I love Rob and the cool air in his office! He gave us some good tips and pointed us toward Dave to coconut guy. Let me warn you as you go to find Dave the coconut guy. People who come up to you and guide you toward the coconut. They are not the coconut guy, but rather work for Casa Arcadia and try to get you to eat over there. Unassuming and thinking we found Dave, we ate there and Rob says we’re lucky to not be dead. Headed back to La Playa Ropa did a little swimming. I got my butt kicked, my husband who lived in Peru for a while, did well. Dinner at Paty’s. I love Pablo at Paty’s. I love Paty herself, as she told me many hibiscus stories. Tasty food and we were the only one’s there. Pablo made us some Mexican coffee on the beach and I decided I didn’t want to leave. Appetizer, many “dos para uno” Dos XX, an entrée, and Mexican coffee = about 30 bucks.

Day Three – Oct. 9 – More coffee and pan dulces we got at Commercial Mexicana the day before. That place is like the Mexican Walmart! We also stocked up on some cheese, wine and beer. Took over the minibar!! Spend the whole day going for the beach to the ocean to the salt-water pool at Villa del Sol. The pool is an amazing thing with it’s blue tile. I need one of those for my backyard. Got my lottery ticket right here. Went into town for dinner. Of course, back to Paty’s for “dos para uno, happy hours” and Los Braseros because my husband NEEDS the salsa. Night time is El Centro is good people watching!

Day Four – Oct. 10 – I’m getting used to my coffee every morning but today they stop leaving cute animals out of towels on the bed. We are sad and spoiled. Back to El Centro to cash in more dollars and do some shopping. We’ve found out that it cost us 13 pesos for the taxi INTO El Centro and 20 to LEAVE El Centro. Strange phenomenon and I couldn’t haggle them down. Stopped in to see Rob again for some more info. By the way – You owe me mescal buddy!! We never caught up with Rob after today as he is hard to find on weekends. Imagine that! Went to Tamales y Atoles Any for lunch and fell in love. Hubby had a chile relleno the size of his head and I gorged myself on the pork tamales with green sauce. We sweltered and drank beer and the bill for us came to about $15 American. I asked the waitress if I could move in. Followed some advice from the board and went to Rossy’s for dinner. Tasty food. When they brought out the chips smothered in black beans with the other chips, I nearly cried. Very tasty dinner and a lovely view. Again, we were the only one’s there and got shooed away early as they wanted to go home. Stopped by La Perla for a cigar and found out that as much as we’d like to be, we’re not cigar people.

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