Trip Report Part II

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Posted by Babcocks (formerly the bride) on October 31, 2001 at 10:36:36:

Trip Report Part II: The Ultimate Honeymoon

Day Five – Oct. 11 – Took the water taxi at the pier out to Las Gatas. We got there early and were bombarded with people wanting us to rent their gear. We decided on Daniel at Chez Arnoldos. He was very nice, gave us good info and wasn’t pushy at all. The snorkeling at Las Gatas was great. So much to see. We even saw two eels. Very cool. The water was perfect and much calmer than La Ropa. We charbroiled our skin, but by this time, my Italian skin was moisturizing me enough to ward off burn. For dinner we decided to venture to Ixtapa. 60 peso ride to Beccofino’s. We were not impressed with Ixtapa after being in Zihua for a few days. Very touristy and I didn’t feel as happy. Then we got to Beccofino. The food there is amazing. We had an appetizer and they brought out eggplant and zucchini dripping in olive oil. The garlic bread is to die for. Entrees were excellent and good tiramisu and coffee. AND the whole bill was about $85 including a margarita and bottle of wine! Nice.

Day Six – Oct 12 – A lazy day. Beach and pool almost all day. A cruise ship came into the bay and a group of us at the Villa del Sol pool watched this thing for at least four hours. We were totally engrossed in what the boat do next. Hogged our view but left about 5 o’clock. This was most of our day. We decided we should do the resort thing and have dinner at Villa Del Sol, after all, it was Mexican night. Had a few cocktails at Orlando’s bar (the hanging lights are the best!) and off to the buffet. Very happy with the food. And, the strolling musicians hired for the evening played us the Zihua song. I need a copy of that! Good time but the bill was more that Beccofino and we only got to enjoy a glass of wine.

Day Seven – Oct 13 – Deep sea fishing!!! Bring the dramamine. I needed a little after a while. Such a desert girl. We had a great time. My suggestion to anyone if they go is to book with Rob’s friend. We ended up joining a couple we met at the hotel for a trip they booked through the hotel and it cost us a lot more and it really seemed like we were on someone else’s agenda. Not a lot of fish to be caught. We did catch two mahi mahis and about 8 seagulls. Man, are those birds pests. We did a little snorkleing at Playa Manzanillo. The water is much cloudier and the tide is a little brutal. I’m a wimp, and I don’t like being that close to big rocks that can kick my butt! After being on solid ground for a while, we decided to spend the evening going to as many places as we could. Went to Paty’s for dos para uno and a little appetizer, Los Braseros for a few tacos, Villa del Sol for dessert. Nice day.

Day Eight – Oct.14 – We gotta leave this place? Spent a good deal of time in the a.m. in the pool and on the beach. Went into town to have a tamale and forgot they were closed on Sunday. Bummer. We had to check out by 1pm so there wasn’t much we could do. The last stroll on La Ropa was heartbreaking. We didn’t want to leave. As we stood at the end of the beach watching the sandpipers, my husband said, “The next step marks our trip home.” I cried. How soon can we get back there?

The aftermath – Man, the palm trees in Phoenix stink! And they have no coconuts. Three weeks later, after all the humidity has left my body, I’m cracking like an alligator! My husband has put me on plant probation as I have bought many, many new plants and spent a lot of money trying to get the back yard to look tropical. It’s getting there. I haven’t convinced him we need a large blue tiled negative edge pool yet. I’m working on that. And getting some of those lounge chairs the have at Villa del Sol. And some of those cool towels…

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