walking La Barra to Z

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Posted by ZihuaRob on November 13, 2001 at 20:57:45:

In Reply to: walking posted by Linda on November 13, 2001 at 19:08:08:

Well, let's see. From La Barra you've got fifteen miles of good flat beach to walk just to get to the first tricky part at the end of Playa Larga: El Riscalillo. That's where you either hike the rocks along the cliff and jump across a crevice with waves crashing and spuming (it can be done but I wouldn't risk it) or you take the path over the jungled hill (watch out for the loose rocks, thorn bushes and cacti). Then from El Riscalillo cross a small beach, then you've got more rocky shoreline, much is volcanic but there are also areas with loose round rocks of all sizes polished by the surf: a good place to twist an ankle if you aren't careful. Then you get to Playa Manzanillo and take the steep path of loose rock up and over a small point, then down a steep path to the last 200-yard stretch of more loose round stones. Almost at the end of the round rock "beach" to the right you'll see an arroyo with a path leading along beside it into the jungle (don't take the wrong path or you'll get lost). Follow the path up a fairly steep hill being careful of the small loose rocks. You do not want to break an ankle here! Where the path comes to the crest of the hill keep following it to the left (don't take the wrong path here either) and you'll slowly begin descending the hill towards Playa La Ropa. Careful in the arroyos, there are a couple of places where you could fall and no one would find you until the zopilotes started circling. Keep taking the path down until you come to the road at the end of Playa La Ropa. Cold beer awaits at the little tienda at the end of the road by the beach. Oh, and don't forget to take PLENTY of water or at least drink good and hard at the last restaurant before the end of Playa Larga. That last hill at the end of the day will dehydrate you!

You should be able to huff it in less than 6 hours! Now wouldn't THAT be an adventure to tell your friends back home about?

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