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Posted by gwen on January 04, 2001 at 09:21:38:

Hi to everyone! Since discovering this message board I have posted a few times and visit the board everyday now to read other peoples thoughts. So, this posting is in response to no one in particular...just my two cents worth on various issues. First off, about the Villa husband and I were there for 11 days this past March. Our reservations were in order when we arrived; we booked through a wonderful travel agent here in Portland who arranged our vacation through Mexico Unlimited. We had a 2nd floor deluxe ocean view room with a large balcony. Our room was great and the view incredible. Shortly after checking in we realized there was no hot water. We reported it; they fixed it immediately. The beds are hard as a rock but then, I sleep on a feather mattress at home. Never the less, each night after a long day in the sun, we managed to adjust and slept well. We like to watch t.v. when we retire and as Jim said, there is no cable at the Villa and stations available are all in Spanish. This time my husband is taking a light weight VCR and some videos (anyone know if this will work at the Villa?). Each morning I would awaken early and my husband would go next door to Paty's to get me a cup of coffee. We soon realized Paty's would provide us with a thermos of coffee and anything you needed to go with it and after that, my husband would just show his face in the morning and they would automatically prepare the thermos and such for us. Paty's is a great place and a lot of it has to do with the fact that Paty goes out of her way to make you feel welcome. The first time we ate there which was for dinner, she checked with us constantly throughout the meal to make sure everything was fine. After dinner she brought each of us a complimentary Kahlua and cream. I liked having breakfast there because I could get the American breakfast I love so much...bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast! Each time we were there she made us feel like a special customer! At the Villa Mexicana restaurant and bar, we enjoyed lunches and dinners off and on. Their guacamole is superb as well as their butterflied Shrimp! It was a nice surprise when we checked into the Villa to find that each of us were issued a $7.00 credit per day in their restaurant towards, lunch, snacks, or dinner. Each evening we would meet up with a wonderful group of people at the bar for happy hour. This group of people had traveled all the way from England, mainly to go after the "big" fish. We have become very good friends with several of them and are meeting up with one of the couples this March for three glorious weeks and yes, we are staying at the Villa Mexicana again. This is kind of night my husband and I went into town, shopped a bit, and decided to have dinner. We were near the pier and saw a sign out in front of a restaurant advertising fresh lobster...boy, did that sound good! We walked in and well, the place seemed like somewhat of a dump and obviously ran by a, dad, babies and all. My husband and I were talking between ourselves and had decided to not eat there when a handsome well dressed man stood up from his table and came to us. He told us that we would not be disappointed if we ate at this restaurant..that the food and service was wonderful. This gentleman proceeded to tell us that he was the manager of the Pacifico in Ixtapa and that he often came to this little restaurant because he enjoyed the food so much. Needless to say we did stay and our dinner was superb. We visited with this gentleman and by the time dinner was over, he gave us his business card and told us he would like to give us a free night's stay and dinner at the Pacifico. This was so gracious on his part and we thanked him repeatedly but did not take him up on his offer. We have been to Zihuatanejo twice now and have not been to Ixtapa. We simply have no interest in going there as we like the low keyed atmosphere of Zihuatanejo. Many people we met at the Villa had made the trip to Ixtapa and basically found it to be too commercialized, high rises all over, and same products you find in Zihuat but more money. Oh, we did go to JJ's for dinner one night. We arranged to meet up with another couple we came to know at the Villa. We were told that JJ's had fantastic pork chops with mashed potatoes and all the sounded so good to me that day and my mouth watered all day anticipating the meal. That night they just happened to be out of pork chops..dang! I wound up having a steak and it was good but not great. JJ's is a "happening" and restaurant were quite busy...seating was very nice. Here is a question which hopefully someone out there can answer. We stumbled onto a liquor warehouse in buys in town I think but we can't remember where it is. We like to purchase our favorite liquor to have in our room for those late nights on our balcony. Let me see...will blab on about one more thing. After reading the trip report that Candice posted I faxed a copy to our travel agent who in turn has sent a copy to Mexico Unlimited and..she has contacted the Villa Mexicana to assure our reservations for a deluxe ocean view room w/balcony are in order. She's the greatest and no offense to Mexico or the Mexican people..things do get screwed up over there and that is just the way it is. Finally, the day we were flying back home we waited in the lobby of the Villa for the van to transport us which was part of our vacation package. Time was ticking away and the van did not show so they phoned us a taxi and assured us that the driver would accept the transportation voucher...not so. We arrived at the airport, the driver refused the voucher...wanted cash! Airport security got involved as we were not about to pay him and the whole thing was settled in nothing flat...driver took the voucher and off he (and we) went. This information is basically an FYI. 55 days for us and we are on our way and hope everyone out there who has never been to Zihuatanejo finds it as low key and charming as we have. It is a wonderful place to relax and the Villa Mexicana is located in the perfect setting. Take care all! Gwen

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