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Posted by Zihu@Rob on January 08, 2001 at 11:01:29:

In Reply to: Living in the area. posted by Perry Lewis on January 08, 2001 at 09:24:14:

You'll find the cost of living more expensive here than in most of Mexico. I would compare it to the cost of living in many Florida cities. Food and rents are relatively high here, as is the cost of gasoline, electricity, and phone service.

The "good" is the warmth of the Mexican people and their culture, our near perfect weather, our wonderful food, and the tranquility of our community. Our crime rate is very low, we have no traffic lights, family values are still important, and perfect strangers greet each other in the streets.

The "bad" is that there are times of the year when we are overrun with visitors and it can get to be sort of a madhouse around here. Semana Santa and the Christmas Holidays are good times of the year for to be out of town. Also, if you aren't accustomed to living in a small community isolated from the rest of the world you can quickly get "cabin fever" and become restless. There are only so many bars, restaurants, discos and movie theaters. That can be a problem of culture shock for many people from a more developed country.

The cultural differences are what cause the most problems with people who move here from the U.S. There are small courtesies common here that are relics of a bygone era in most parts of the U.S. And the language is, of course, an essential factor in successfully assimilating to our culture.

The "ugly" is that we are still a largely impoverished region with inadequate resources for education, employment, social services and waste management. So you will see more litter than you are accustomed to, more beggars of all ages, young children who work, and other ills of a too rapid population growth coupled with neglect of the social and physical infrastructure to keep up with it.

But for me this is paradise and the good easily outweighs the bad.


Hopefully some other people can fill in some of the blanks here. I have only touched on some of the superficial aspects of your question. I will try adding more when time permits, if necessary.

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