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Posted by Terry on December 11, 2000 at 17:52:55:

Arrived back November 26 from a week's stay at Krystal in Ixtapa. Had a great time. I have lots of info for those staying at Krystal. First, ask for upper floors above 6 and ask for rooms numbered from about 17-27 depending on the floor, ex: we had 825 and 826 both with double beds as they were out of kings, but it was still fine, great views from both our rooms, my son thought he was better (826) because he could see around the corner to Ixtapa. Pool food is great, chairs hard to find, very busy on beach also. Martha at the pool, is absolutely wonderful about finding you chairs and umbrellas, just tip her good. She is sweet. Actually, the whole staff is wonderful. We parasailed on beach, cost was about 175 pesos.It was pretty. My husband went fishing 3 times, made a deal with Beny Guzman off the beach, although he has a website, after our experience we are unsure if he even owns a boat! My husband said the first day was great, caught a sailfish and mahi mahi and a couple others. Second time out was even better, had 4 hits for sailfish, landed 2, caught 2 large mahi mahi, 1 bonita, and 2 mackeral, the third day he took out a panga and they caught 2 fish, they quit at 11:00 and met us at Las Gatas? We rented another panga for the 6 of us, we rented snorkel gear from a place right there, I think called Coco Loco? the man running the place was so nice to us, we had nachos there and a few pops and beers,we snorkeled, it was nice and warm, great for the kids, nice fish, they took our panga to Playa Manzanillo, great snorkeling there, had to jump out of boat as he couldn't take it to shore, but it was fun. We had rented the panga called the SeaHorse and it was so clean, fit 7 of us easily. I think my husband paid 830USD for all three days, 1 day in a 38 foot, 1 in a 42 foot, 1/2 day of fishing in panga, and another panga for us for snorkeling. We thought we got a great deal? The guys were great, I think he tipped them $50 one day, $60 the next, and not sure about the third day, The one day they stayed fishing an extra two hours because the guy felt bad they hadn't caught a big one yet! We ate at a couple places in Zihua, one was Garrobos, great food, great service, good garlic shrimp and good bacon wrapped shrimp, spaghetti for kids. We ate at El Patio, thought it was overpriced and service was not good, my lemon shrimp was very good though. At at Villa De La Selva? in Ixtapa, nice view, good service, shrimp was good, it was $22-23USD, my son had fish of the day, Mahi Mahi, that was $14 USD, All the food was good, margaritas were good and pretty good size. We ate one night at Casa Elvira in Zihua on Pier, Very good, had a great time, service was pretty good, shrimp was good. We ate one day at JJ's Bar and grill, my sister said their fish and chips were great, I had chili rellenos, I didn't like their cheese, it was like a sauce out of a can. Same on the nachos. The best shrimp cocktail was at Garrobos. We ate somewhere at the Marina in Ixtapa, but don't remember the name, it is pretty there, you should go and see it. Rode taxis everywhere, going rate was $3-4 USD to go just about anywhere from Ixtapa to Zihua. Went to the market downtown, kids thought it was great. Shopping for nice things was best for us in Ixtapa, but I don't know the town of Zihua and the taxi always took us to the flea market area, I don't need anything like what they had. Silver varied in price from place to place, same pieces, so price before you buy. Nice airport. Sorry, just rambling, Thanks for all the great help, It was fun and it was MUCHO CALOR!! Terry

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