Trip Report Part 1

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Posted by Dwight on January 10, 2001 at 12:24:23:

Went to Ixtapa last year for a week; ok if you like the Miama Beach hotel row-resort atmosphere.

So last April booked and receive tickets with America West for 10 Jan thru Feb 9. Booked thru Travelocity.

Got a bungalow on the beach in Barra de Potosi thru owners, see "CasaPuesta del Sol". Rustic seems to be the description. Haven't arrived yet.

Staying in hotel in Phoenix while waiting for 11 Jan flight to Zihua courtesy of America West. Flight leg from seattle to phoenix ok for today (10 Jan) but seems leg from phoenix to zihua was totally cancelled last april 15, 6 days after we received the tickets. First we heard about the rebook was this morning in seattle at 4:45 am. Was informed by America West they had notified us last April 15 of the change. I called two days ago for reconfirmation and was told the 10 Jan legs were ok. Now I may be 60 years old (still working a high tempo job) but I do believe I would remember being told I was staying overnight in Phoenix. Also was told we were notified by mail-can't remember that either. Now folks, I am not into bashing and I must say the "face to face" people everywhere have been just great trying to make a sweet taste out ofthis little goof. More research into this later. Will post Part 2 when I can get on thenet (maybe back home on Feb 11 or so.

Word to wise: Reconfirm and then reconfirm again-especially on America West. Reconfirm w/agent and the airline and on-line if possible.

Hey are we going to have a good time or what!!! Laura, looking forward to next year after we see what we canbring for the library project. C u thurs, fri or manana.

Dwight and Bev

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