Troncones Trip Report

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Posted by Jean and Larry on December 09, 2000 at 13:53:55:

We just returned from a weekís stay at Casa Ki and loved it! We rented the two bedroom, two bath house, but looked at the bungalows for future reference. Each bungalow has one room plus a bath, and a little porch with hammock and chairs. They are located on one side of the property, so are not in the main foot traffic area; therefore, privacy wouldnít seem to be a problem. Not that there is much foot traffic, because with one house and three bungalows, weíre not talking about a lot of people. The shady tropical landscaping and footpaths are very pleasant, and the bungalows are just a few short steps from the sand and ocean where there are four thatched shaded areas with tables, chairs and lounge chairs spaced on the frontage. I spent a lot of my time there with a good book and saw very few people, and often NO people on the beach.

The owners, Ed and Ellen, live on the premises and are very gracious hosts. They have created their rentals with many personal touches, which, in my opinion, make this a special place. Ellen even has a LARGE selection of books in the house and on the porch of the house, which would suit just about anyoneís reading taste.

A simple, satisfying breakfast is included with the bungalow rentals, in the common kitchen area, where we enjoyed visiting with the other guests before we all went our separate ways. The main restaurants are in easy walking distance. Plus, I might add, each bungalow has a little refrigerator so you could stretch your food dollars by keeping a few snack items for lunch. We walked to one of the little stores (tiendas) and purchased a loaf of bread, a little package of sliced ham (similar to Oscar Meyer), canned tuna, a small jar of mayonnaise, an onion, chips, dip, and little packaged muffins. I believe you can even use the kitchen area to cook for yourself as long as you clean up afterwards. I donít believe there is much else you would need to spend money on in Troncones, unless you wanted to use the taxi service instead of walking, or unless you wanted to use equipment or services from Jaakís Jungle Tours. We rented bicycles a couple of days just for riding around in the village and riding a little farther down the road from the village. By the way, if you havenít already seen it, there is a helpful little map of Troncones on the Jungle Tours web page, which you might find of interest.

Iím sure other places in Troncones are probably similarly reasonable, private and appealing; but since you mentioned Casa Ki, and itís still so fresh in my mind, I thought you might like to hear a report from someone who has just returned and had a wonderful, relaxing time there.

Troncones is very different from other places I have vacationed, but was just what we were looking for. We werenít interested in shopping, sightseeing, night life, etc.; although a day trip or even an overnight trip into Zihuatanejo could have been arranged. No one seems to be in a hurry in Troncones, and everyone we came in contact with was very friendly. I speak no Spanish, but those who spoke no English communicated with "Hola" and very friendly smiles. Larry had a good time practicing his limited Spanish after brushing up with his little translator book. Every day I was there, I just relaxed more and more. We even tried to extend our trip by a couple of days, but werenít able to change our airline reservations conveniently. We definitely plan to return whenever we can. By the way, itís a very casual place, so you wonít need a lot of clothes. We managed with one carry-on bag each, although I did carry a large shoulder purse in which I threw in a few last minute odds and ends. I didnít even carry a hair dryer.

I gained a lot of information before my trip by reading postings on this message board and intended to post a trip report to reciprocate. Guess Iíll count this response to you as my trip report for anyone else who is interested.

Wherever you decide to stay in Mexico, I hope you will have a wonderful time.

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