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Posted by PatG on January 13, 2001 at 17:06:18:

Ok, quick summary. Besides my daughter stepping on a bee the 2nd day, and it raining on Tues, our trip was wonderful. I would strongly recommend the Riviera to anyone traveling with children. My wife and I were VERY pleased with their service. The free breakfasts were awesome. (not sure if everyone gets that though) With 2 young children traveling with my wife and me, we were very pleased to find that the restaurants located near the hotels in Ixtapa were reasonably "americanized", so that a person not understanding Spanish could still order what they wanted. Snorkeling at the Island was also very neat, I would advise people to check it out, but don't let kids feed crackers to the fish. (my son got bit in the elbow by one).

Please keep in mind this is the perspective of a 29 year old, married, father of 2 who brought his kids. The one negative thing I will say, is that college age people should consider Acapulco or Mazatlan over Ixtapa (both have more clubs than Ixtapa/Zih) Besides that, I can honestly say that our trip was full of many positive surprises. I have listed some below.

1) Very clean bathrooms at Zih airport with changing tables for baby!

2) Excellent service at my hotel (Riviera). Most employees knew enough English to communicate, and if they didn't know, they found someone who did. When they cleaned our room they actually folded up our dirty clothes we left on the floor. Does that rule or what?!

3) Air conditioned charter buses to and from the airport were very nice.

4) Restaurants usually had english translation on menus

5) Very few salesman pitching stuff in and around Ixtapa. (compared to Acapulco and Mazatlan)

Feel free to email my wife and I with any questions if you are traveling with kids.

We will return there!

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