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Posted by Laura on January 16, 2001 at 12:40:04:

In Reply to: Getting to Barre de Potosi posted by Jack on January 12, 2001 at 15:07:12:

Here are the ways to get back and forth to and from La Barra to Zihua. It's a little long but I hope it's pretty complete. With this you can find your way to come by and say hello to Doņa Laura!

1. Taxi... Now that the road has been fixed it's an easy 25 minute ride from Zihuatanejo and 10-15 minutes from the airport by the airport/beach road. The taxi's are charging 200 pesos round trip these days. You might be able to negotiate a lower fare. A friend of mine gets it down to 150 regularly. Catching a taxi out of La Barra on the rebound is possible (moreso near noon on the weekend since they are dropping people off at the restaurants) but don't rely on it. A phone call from the hotel caseta or somebody's cell phone usually gets a taxi here in 30 minutes. This is the most comfortable and quickest way to move between Zihua and La Barra. The taxi driver can also take the route by the Acapulco highway/Los Achotes. The time is about the same. I prefer the beach road because I have a thing about loving to look at the ocean.

2. Flecha/Pasajera... in English this means, local highway buses and pickup truck. Catch the Flecha every 15 minutes (till midnight or later I think) from behind the municipal market in Zihua to Petatlan. Tell the driver you want off at Los Achotes on the Acapulco highway. The cost is 6 or 7 pesos. You catch the 'pasajera' (these are pickup trucks which are licensed to carry passengers on benches in the back) just a few steps down the street from where the bus lets you off in Las Achotes. They leave when they have a full load. This is often in the morning until around 1 or 2 and again leaving La Barra around 5 or 6. Then they stop fo rthe day. There can be a delay waiting between 1-4 or 5 in the afternoon. I've waited an hour before during that time. It takes you into La Barra for 7 pesos per person. Then you walk a few steps to your favorite beach restaurant or my house. Total cost 14 pesos each way. This is a real adventure, really fun if you want to see īthe real Mexico' and live like the locals do a little bit.

3. Combie: Catch the combie (volkswagon bus) near the Municipal market in Zihuatanejo bound for the airport. Get off at the airport stop and walk around the corner to the Barra de Potosi stop which is on the beginning of the dirt road just past Guero's restaurant and just before the entrance to the airport property. Then wait for the combie that comes from El Cualcolyul which takes you into La Barra. There are two problems though. One is that the wait for the Cuacoyul combie can be long and then they may wait until the thing fills up, again maybe long. The more significant problem is that the Cuacoyul-La Bvarra combie may not even be running at the present time. I'll check and get back to this thread on that.

4. Rent a car from the airport. Make a u turn as if you are returning to the airport and take the little dirt road just before the entrance to the airport parking lot- just past Guero's little palapa restaurant (which is great by the way, if you stop there, try his ceviche and tell him Laura from La Barra sent you from the internet. That's always fun). This road is in great condition now. It curves around to behind the airport and meets the beach road. Take a left at the beach and continue until it ends at La Barra. Come by Casa del Encanto and say hello.

By the way, if you are staying in La Barra, you can walk to everything and you may not even want to leave!

I hope this helps many people! Have a wonderful time on your trip wherever you decide to stay.

Hasta pronto,
Casa del Encanto
Barra de Potosi

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