Re: Buying land in Mexico - I BEG TO DIFFER

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Posted by Anita on January 18, 2001 at 19:47:40:

In Reply to: Re: Buying land in Mexico posted by JW on January 18, 2001 at 08:25:56:

I have lived in Mexico in the Zihuatanejo for 23 years. Own land in Troncones and in Zihuatanejo through bank trusts and Mexican corporations. I am a trilingual (originally French Canadian) person who speaks fluent French, English and Spanish and am accustomed to the Napoleonic Code (legal system) in use in Mexico, the US State of Louisana and my home Province of Quebec. I AM NOT A REAL ESTATE AGENT. I do help a lot of people with their various dealings with Mexican authority after they have immigrated/bought land/had a legal or criminal problem/etc., in this country just because I have the contacts and skills to get things done.

That said, your "high powered Mexican lawyer" is right out to lunch as concerns, at any rate, the Ejido Gral. Emiliano Zapata in Troncones, Gro. We have been doing land deals here since way before there was even a legal title on the horizon and we have never had a deal go sour. I am also fully satisfied that the Federal government is never going to interfere at this level - would probably be run off from our Ejido, at least, by a bunch of guys with machetes who KNOW they own the land and will do what they want with it. Your buys and sells in Troncones will be fine as long as you get some local advise. Feel free to e-mail me directly at the above.

Good luck - it's not all bad!


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