Re: Combi-Micro Bus-Regular Bus?

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Posted by Zihu@Rob on January 21, 2001 at 18:06:48:

In Reply to: Combi-Micro Bus-Regular Bus? posted by Jerry on January 21, 2001 at 08:51:18:

A "combi" is a modified VW mini-van used for hauling passengers. They get around to many of the major routes as well as the backstreets into many neighborhoods.

A "micro" is a shuttle type of bus built to hold about 30 people or so, but often filled with twice that many at the end of the day returning from the beach with sandy people and workers heading home. This is the principle way most of us get around between the towns and within them.

There is a regular bus, called an "autobus", that makes stops in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo along its route. However they are used more for going to Petatlan or Barrio Viejo or Pantla or points beyond.

I remember one couple who took the regular bus thinking they were heading into Ixtapa but ended up about 30 kilometers north of here in a town called Pantla. When they asked where Ixtapa was the bus driver explained that they pass through Ixtapa only on the return run. A family invited them to lunch and then put them back on a micro for Ixtapa afterwards. That driver didn't charge them anything and made sure they got off at the right stop in Ixtapa. Only in Mexico!

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