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Posted by Gretchen2 on January 24, 2001 at 19:15:09:

Iíd really like to keep all the good places that we found, & the times we shared a secret, but I felt Robís board had been so helpful in the planning of our vacation that I must spill the beansÖmaybe just a little. No guarantees on complete disclosure.
We stayed at La Quinta DíAndres in Z, small quaint apt/hotel 2 doors down from Hotel Irma. Very cute place, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen & pool, above the beach (nice view) just a few steps to the sand. The people there couldnít have been nicer. In fact, maybe a little too nice. Some of the guests took to partying till the wee..& I mean wee like 5am hours, which drove a few of the other patrons away. We stayed in the new section facing the water, honestly didnít hear a thing, but some rooms got the full sound etc of the party. Needless to say, you do kind of take your chances on who will be staying there, and what they might get up to.
We did try Coconuts for dinner, Major disappointment. Expensive, & frankly, lousy. There was a group of people near us who had been patronizing that restaurant for many years; they too were very disappointed with their meals. I say donít go.
The yacht club was good. A little pricey, Hamburgers were 50 p but the service, the view & the food were great. I had delicious Quesidillas.with that yummy cheese, & enjoyed every bite.
Gorrogos was fabulous.
The patio was mediocre. We had the fish specialÖtons of sauce (always a bit suspect) not great.
The loco chicken bbq place in town was good, very reasonable dinner there.
We had a yummy dinner at La Perlas.Great steak.
Other than a little shopping & a visit with Rob, that was pretty much it for Z.
Then we went to what was for us REAL PARADISE. La Barra de Potosi! We spent 12 heavenly days there.
We stayed at Playa Calli we had booked 4 nights & extended that by 2, & Bernie, our host, found us a guesthouse near by where we spent the balance of our stay. 17 Kilometers of pristine undeveloped beach where you can literally walk for hours without seeing a soul might not be everyoneísí idea of a good time, but it sure worked for us. Bernie was a fabulous host; we ate most of our meals with himÖa fabulous chef, lots of fresh fish, always superb, and very reasonable. During our stay Bernieís Dad, sister Anje, her husband Won & Bernieís son Danny, were all at the B&B. It didnít take long for us to feel like one of the family. Bernie only has 4 rooms to rent out (very cute, adobe) reasonable & immaculate. If one were making a day trip to see the beautiful beach, you would need to call Bernie in advance to reserve for lunch. No reserveÖno food. He buys everything fresh daily.
We took public transport to Petatlan, great leather & gold there, cute town found some real treasures. If you take the public transport, itís fun & reasonable, but not for the faint of heart.
There is a restaurant in Coquaule that is only open on Thursdays serving masoli & other Mexican delicacies. We went & thoroughly enjoyed the experience & the food.
Without question one of the most spectacular things we experienced was watching a man with his kids wife dogs etc, catch a fish. It was a Sunday morning, I noticed lots of big & small fish at the bottom of the waves silhouetted by the sunlight, and then a few hundred yards up the beach the pelicans were going nutz. The family on their Sunday outing had a net, some fishing line, no rod, the line was wrapped around a piece of cardboard similar to what kite flyers have. The kids went into the water with their net, pulled out a ton of little fish 4-6 inches in length, the mother grabbed one put it on the hook for her husband & he threw his line into the surf. In what seemed like no time flat, yes folks with this rustic setup he had a fish on. Not just any fish, but a pretty big one. Living in beautiful BC Canada, Iíve done a little fishing myself, & I have an appreciation of what it takes to play & land a big one. Well this was some show. Mrs. took charge of the line; Mr. played the fish brilliantly, with his bare hands!!! Meanwhile the dogs are trying to help (itís a miracle they didnít get caught up in the line) and the kids entertained themselves by throwing the rest of the baitfish up in the air & the pelicans would swoop down & catch the fish as the kids tossed them in the air. After about 30 minutes Mr. landed the fish, I swear, about a 30-pound tuna. American sportsman eat your heart out. Having landed a fish or 2 on the beach, & many in a boat, I clearly understand the skill we witnessed that day. Awesome!
I am already missing that little piece of heaven on earth. We are planning a return visit in Nov, maybe next Jan too.
A big thankx to Rob & the people who regularly contribute to this board. Almost everyone I met had visited this site & loves it!!

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