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Posted by Roberto! on December 14, 2000 at 16:38:20:

In Reply to: barra de potosi posted by mike t on December 14, 2000 at 13:27:33:

Well Mike if you want a bit of an adventure to visit the Barra de Potosi, may I suggest the following.
Last year we took a Omnibus du Petatalan bus from the small depot on Calle Las Palmas which is the street across from the Bancrecer bank on the main street of Zihua.
We took the bus that goes to Petatalan (cost about 8 pesos each) and asked to be let off at the Barra turn off. It took about 30 minutes to get there because the bus makes stops along the way to pick up additional passengers. The driver's assistant would hang out the door as we approached every stop and holler out "Peta, Peta, Peta" to the people waiting at the stop and if they wanted that bus they would flag it to a stop.
Every bus has its own personality. We got the greatest kick out of the music, decorations, ornaments and even the grinding of gears added a special something to the mix. The people are extremely friendly and when it came time for our stop, a number of people indicated to us that ours was the next stop.
Once off the bus we walked across the street in this small village to a waiting truck that had wooden benches in the back and a blue tarp over the top of the back of the truck for some shade. We had to wait the better part of an hour because the driver wanted at least 10 people on board to make the trip worthwhile. The fare was 10 pesos each. Once we got the required # of bodies on board we were off! The road, at that time, had a lot of wash outs, puddles, potholes and reminded me more of a dry river bed so speed didn't factor into the trip other than it took us about 1 hour to go 10 kilometers. The road did improve once we got closer to the beach and I did wish I had taken a seat pad of some sort because the first few steps walking away from the truck were "a little" brutal.
Where we were dropped off had a concentration of eating places so you won't be lacking for food or drink. We had expected to pay more but found that the prices were extremely reasonable and in some cases the beer less expensive than we had been paying in Zihua. I'm unable to recommend one eating establishment over the other because there were about 8 of them and we stopped in 2.
There is a lagoon nearby and guided trips are available and the beach in the area is hugh! We walked for miles dipping in and out of the water.
When it came time to go back we returned to where the truck had dropped us off and waited for the departure. There wasn't any problem filling the back of the truck this time. There were 27 people plus coolers of fish yet every time the truck stopped to pick up another passenger, everyone made themselves smaller and made room. There were people hanging onto the back, side and even a couple of people riding on the roof of the cab. How that truck managed to grind its way back to the highway with that load and the road conditions remains a mystery but we enjoyed every second of it.
Once back in the small village we just walked across the road and caught another bus back for another memorable ride into downtown Zihua.
It is a trip that we treasure, as was our bus trip and visit to Troncones this year.
If you are pressed for time then a car rental may be the way to go. I am sure you will receive additional information and suggestions from other individuals that participate on this board.
We are just experiencing our first major snowfall and as I was writing this note I was reviewing our many pictures of Zihua and area in our photo album. It brings back some warmth.
Enjoy you holidays. Feel free to email us directly if you require any additional information.

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