Trip to Barra de Potosi

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Posted by Marty in Colorado on January 30, 2001 at 19:10:34:

Today’s trip report is about our venture to Barra de Potosi. We drove to Barra de Potosi on our way back from Petatlan using the southern entrance from the highway at Los Achotes. The road is a sandy washboard with many speed bumps (topes), but we were in no hurry. We searched out Laura and found her house but she was not there. Sorry Laura. We wanted to meet you.

Our friends that were with us wanted to go horseback riding and we had asked Laura before we went for a recommendation. She had recommended Roberto, so we headed for the beach for some lunch, an afternoon in the Sun and to find Roberto.

Barra de Potosi is a beautiful place where a giant lagoon (more like a lake) meets the ocean. There are many restaurants on the beach and all I saw had many hammocks, which is a plus in my book. I get very sleepy in the afternoon after many Cervezas and a big lunch.

There are many birds in the area, especially pelicans. There were hundreds feeding on small fish in the lagoon. I was told the fish were sardines. The place was mostly empty of foreign visitors, but I could tell it was a popular place for the locals. For lunch we had Shrimp in butter and garlic and an order of Guacamole and Totopos (chips). I ate an ocean of shrimp this year and a swimming pool of guacamole. Shrimp in butter and garlic along with guacamole is a tradition for Betty and I. The first time we had it in Zihua was on our first trip, the first day, the first meal at a restaurant along Paseo de Pescadores at Playa Municipal in Zihua. That meal with a Margarita is the first thing we do when we arrive and the last thing. Old habits are hard to break.

Anyway, back to Barra de Potosi. (I know, I ramble)

We asked our waiter if he knew of Roberto, and of course he does. Everyone there knows Roberto. Our waiter said he would find him. About twenty minutes later Roberto’s wife comes up to us and in my broken Spanish, I asked about horseback riding.

There are two ride you can do. For 100 pesos per person you can ride along the beach for an hour. Or, for 200 pesos per person, Roberto will take you on a two-hour trip to the “Other” beach. We decided on the other beach, which was pointed out to us by Roberto’s wife as being over that hill. She assured me that is was a great ride. And boy was she right.

Betty and I ride horses around the mountains of Colorado on occasion and have seen some beautiful scenery, but this trip was one to remember.

Roberto showed up not just on time, but a little earlier than I had arranged with his wife. His horses were strong and well kept. I speak a little Spanish but I understood we were headed for a beach of the turtle sanctuary or cemetery. This got our hearts beating. Two days before we had released our own baby turtles after sunset at Playa La Ropa. Which is another story about the efforts to collect turtle eggs in Zihua and the release them after they hatch. Anyway we were headed for a beach that had something to do with turtles. We started by crossing a river that goes from the lagoon to the ocean. The water came up to about my knees. I was concerned but Roberto said all was well and it was. We then headed in to the jungle for about a half of mile. It was dense and had mosquito’s, so If you go, wear pants and put on bug juice. When we exited the jungle we came upon one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen. The surf was extremely high with waves crashing down on the sand with a deafening roar. These weren’t surfer waves since there was no ride to them, just huge walls of water hammering the sand. We rode the beach right next to the surf and saw many turtle shells that had been bleached out by the sun. There were also many holes dug in the sand where the turtles had laid their eggs. The joy of riding up and down that beach was a thrill to all of us. The mist coming off the waves with the cliffs in the background near sunset was a great sight to see. For that hour the beach was all ours, no one else but four of us and no footprints but ours and our horses.

I highly recommend Roberto’s horseback ride at Barra de Potosi. It is one for the memory book.

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