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Posted by vicki from canada on February 23, 2001 at 14:21:45:

We have just returned from a wonderful month in Zihua.I will only give you the highlights of our stay.
The first part of our stay was at Casa Dos Amigos.It was very clean and close to the beach and town. The last part was spent at Bungalow Allec. We had a large 2 bedroom suite with cooking and a view of the ocean. (A must for my husband!)
One of my favourite things to do was to visit the Mercado in Zihua to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. I was amazed at the vast variety and that they weighed the items all at once and quoted a price! Like a tomato, onion, avacado for 8 pesos!!
Other shopping, especially for mexican made articles we found that the town core had better prices than the Artisian market on Cento de Mayo. Everytime I went the prices were different and fairly high. Having a month, we had lots of time to check around.
We had the great pleasure of meeting Rob and chatting with him. Yes Rob, I can really do with that Doctors note saying I must return. :) We also recognized Marty from Colorado and Betty eating breakfast at La Bocanna!!(Marty had sent me a photo of he and Betty!) We also met Sheri and John from the message board! Sorry that we missed Judy, as she had to rush home.
We took a bus trip to Petatlan!! Everyone must ride on the local buses!! It is an experience in itself! The men were hanging on the seats for dear life, as the driver pasted everything in sight, whether cars or buses were coming. He gabbed with people, blow his nose, spit out the door!! I was sure that we were going over at anytime!! We all had to go to the church to give thanks for arriving in one piece!!! :) :)
We shopped for gold in Petatlan! I got some very good deals. Found the prices here lower than Zihua. The church was beautiful!!
We visited Ixtapa! We were not impressed, Too commericalized!! We've had enough of hotels in tourist zones. There was really nothing there and the hotel promoters were all over you!!! We didn't stay an hour.
We spent a day at Los Gotas! Walked the beach and swam. Beautiful spot, but do take water shoes, as the coral is hard on the feet. We sat at "Otilia" run by Franco. Very good service!! My friend had a Pina Cola. It came in a pineapple all decorated into a face. The seafood tray we had for lunch was excellent!! $300p for 4 of us!
A MUST SEE is RICK'S BAR, in Zihua especially on Saturday night. He brings in dancers and singers. Very authentic Mexican Show. There is no cover charge! It is the best show we've seen yet. It beats all the "Mexican Fiestas" in the big hotels. We got to taste "Mezcal"! Wow!! was that an experience!! It burnt my throat all night! And hubby had 'rubber' legs for the rest of the night!!
Another wonderful place we spent alot of time, was MJ&RICHIE'S on Madera Beach. (It use to be La Bocanna) It is a small family run eatery and bar. The service and food are excellent! Marta and Raphel, with daughter Marta and son Mauricio run it. Try the SHRIMP COCKTAIL. YUM! If you go, say Hola from Vicki and Dennis!!
We met many new friends and will be in contact for years to come!!
We found the people in Zihua very helpful and very friendly!!Many do have some command of English. In the stores, they have calculators to show you the price, if you don't know the number language. Found this very helpful.
We took a bus to La Ropa and spent half a day. It was very crowded and again, touristy to us.
No we are not 'oldies', but we have been there and done that trip. We found Zihua to be the area we most enjoyed. It was quiet, yet, had lots to do. And the beach had lots of room for us and our friends.
We found Sundays on the beach to be a wonderful experience. This is the day that families come after church to spend the whole day. The water is teeming with children.
Of interest, you can have your flight reconfirmed in Zihua, however, there is a cost. Some charge $35p for each ticket, others charge $35p all tickets. Shop around. I was very glad that we did have this service, because at the airport many people were having trouble getting seats on the flight out. The flight had over sold!
Someone had asked about the safety of Parasailing. While we were there a young woman got caught in the mast of a sail boat anchored in the bay and had both of her legs broken!!!It was few and far between, that we ever saw more than the driver in the boat!! Parasailing was dubbed "DOPE ON A ROPE!!"
We would like to thank Rob for this wonderful message board and everyone who has added messages. It made for a great trip and the beginning of new friendships!! Yes, we will be back!! THANKS AGAIN AND GOD BLESS!!!
ps: if I can be of help, please contact me.

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